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gold ring?

Hit a yard sale this morning and bought a small box of jewelry-has 14k bracelet, 5 matching sets of earrings, and a nice ring with 4 pale red stones-between the stones is a silver looking design attached to ring-Markings on ring is SUMAL and 10KP-does KP stand for karet/platinum-what is your opinion-thanks


New member
Expert: Thomas
Date: 9/9/2005
Subject: Marking inside ring

My mother in law's ring is stamped "14k-P". Before the 14k, there is a "G" with a circle around it. Can you tell me what the G symbol means? I am also interested in what the "P" indicates. The ring is yellow gold with a silver colored metal holding in the stones. Does the P indicate platinum for setting? I thought "PL" or "plat" would indicate that. She said it wasn't extremely expensive. Please advise. Thank you!

Hello and thanks for this question, Tara.


Ed SW Fla

New member

Joe Brandt

New member

That was one of the best, most thorough answers to a jewelry question I've seen. A few years ago, I was doing a promotion in a jewelry store when a (very angry) customer stormed in, demanding a full refund for a ring she had purchased from the "Estate" department there about a month earlier. The owner had gone out to lunch, and the person who had been left in charge had only been in the trade for a few years, and did not know anything about the subject (The customer insisted that the ring, purchased as 18kt, was bogus), and was not able to handle the irate customer, so he called me over to assist.

As soon as I saw it, I knew who the manufacturer was, as the style (during the time that the ring was made) was very distinctive. Inside the shank was an "18K-P" stamp. (This manufacturer made primarily 18K rings that were of of very fine quality.) I asked the customer why it was that she thought the piece was "fake", and she said that while she was in another jewelry store, someone had offered to clean her ring at no charge, and when she asked about the meaning of the "-P" suffix on the the stamp, she was told that it meant PLATED!

I'll tell you, I generally manage to maintain a fairly businesslike demeanor while on the sales floor of a retail store, but I just cracked up.... it was one of the absolute dumbest things I've ever heard of a someone in a jewelry store telling a customer, and the store she had been in is part of a small family-owned chain with an outstanding reputation and a long lineage. Fortunately, I was able to explain the meaning of the stamp to the customer's satisfaction, and all was well.... in fact, she had purchased the ring at a truly great price.

cyberdan (SoCA)

New member
I know two years is not a long time but I have never seen the P mark. I am sure it exists, but it must have only been used for a short time.

I have always known about the 13.5K problem and it still exists. I have a digital electronic gold tester and it is very accurate. I rarely see any 14K test at 14. Most of the time it comes in at 13.5 or even less. The same hold true for every other K stamping. It has gotten to the point that I NEVER believe what the stamp says.

There are a few countries that I can trust. I have purchased three 18K chains that were made in Japan and they tested at 18K. Italy is also pretty good.

But you have to watch out for counterfeits. Last month someone sent me a beautiful, heavy (over one ounce) bracelet stamped 18K. I didn't test it right away, I knew it was gold, some company did a lot of work on it. I did the math to see what it was worth. (over $1200 value in fine gold) Then later I pulled out my Gt3000 tester to check the K and it read as base metal. The thing was a worthless counterfeit. I mailed it back to my customer with a check for the real gold and silver items he sent.


New member
The G with a circle around it is for Gordon's Jewelers.

I have a ring with that mark and the original box.


New member
I have a ring with G2 marked inside the band..... I have shown the ring to many other people and all agree that it's a G2 and not CZ , just to make sure that my eyes were not deceiving me :) .... does anyone know what this mark stands for? The ring has a gold band and the setting that holds the "diamonds" is a silver tone. I wear this ring often and it does not leave tarnish marks .

chuck ky

Active member
Why are all these gold ring questions being asked on the Ghost Town forum instead of the beach forum where there might be someone that knows something about rings.