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Heading to Florida for some detecting...


Active member
HI All! Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm heading to Florida for the holidays. I'm going to do a lot of beach hunting and some water and scuba too.

If any one wants to do some detecting....lets meet up and find some treasure.
I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed if you are coming to the southeast you will find sanded in beaches and a lots of competition from your fellows snow bird,so good luck and enjoy our sunshine.
Where you heading James? I am in the Daytona area and it has been slow this year for sure. Have been up in the panhandle area this past week with about the same finds I get in Daytona. Don't' let that discourage you though as there is always the chance finds and as Roger said above enjoy the sunshine and the beach!
8720roger said:
I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed if you are coming to the southeast you will find sanded in beaches and a lots of competition from your fellows snow bird,so good luck and enjoy our sunshine.

Thanks but I wont be disappointed! Lets see.....snow and cold weather where my home is....or......sand, surf, detecting and other fun things to do??? Theres no debate in my mind.... Even if I don't find very much....I will enjoy it none the less.

I have been to South Fl many many times so I'm headed north. I haven't found any huge diamond rings in South Fl but had lots of fun! Got filmed on the Kardashian Tv show last year detecting in the water in Ft Laud. I found someones wedding ring and returned it to him within 24 that was great for me!

I did find a 2 civil war buttons on the beach dated appox 1840-1860. I never thought I would find anything like that, especially on the south fl beach.

All that being said.....whatever I find...or not...Im going to love going to Fl.....I will find something....I always do!

Happy Holidays to all!
Good luck and Enjoy the Sun Shine and Warmer Temps. As we all know it only takes one swing of the coil over the right area. Of course finding that "Right" area can be quite difficult.
Is this video of you? You had some fintastic friends!
With the East or North East winds we have been getting on the East coast most of November, the Gulf has been calm near shore more than not! Right now there is a lot wet beach to hit with the major low tides made even lower from the strong East wind.
I would think it must be some big tides and surf on the West coast....either sanded in or good erosion. GL
Thanks Roger....will do!

George.....I'm thinking of SC next year.....I think I looked there but hotels were booked up.

WaterWalker.....mmmmmmmmm grilled shark on the beach! w/ some fava beans and a nice chianti.

BobOz..........I am hoping so.....reminds me a couple of years ago when I was meeting with then Whites current Ceo. He says "oh take a look at this picture" and handed me a pic of many from his desk of a guy finding silver pieces of eight found on the florida coast. I said, "next time I go there, I will hunt that beach". It wasn't 3 weeks before someone else found GOLD coins from the same area. It happens!
Time to get that CTX ... WET. North??? Did you forget in the Winter it can be 20 degrees colder than just below Tampa? Water is 71 right now...... and temps are higher than normal. Id you like sand you came to the right place........ its the gift that keeps on giving. Having nice tide shifts now........ but no wave action which we need a little more of.

Thanks to all the info and the members that responded. I'm heading to the Daytona area but I might venture on to other locals. So, if you need any help....let me know.

Merry Christmas etc to all!
knucklehead said:
Any place on the beach sounds good about now

It was! Some nice temps followed by some rain and then cooler temps. I did NOT buy a sweat shirt....even though I could have used one. In any case, I had fun, found lots of coins and some junk jewelry. There are lots of targets there but you just have to be able to get to them. Like I was told....they need a major storm to "mess" the sand up. I prefer the sand of south Fl better. Its more like small rocks rather than "compressed ash" sand that's in the Daytona area. Its like Mt. Saint Helens ash....very dense and fine.

The best thing about the trip was meeting Sanderling and his wife. Outstanding people! They made my trip worth it! Thanks again M & C!
Until the next trip:cheers:
Thanks James. Very nice of you to say that. Hope you had an uneventful trip back and that you can make it down here again soon. My CTX is supposed to be delivered today. Sorry to miss out on your expert training on the machine. Like Scrounger said, we miss you. Viva Detectorados!!!:detecting::detecting::detecting:
scrounger said:
Thanks for your enthusiam.
I will miss you.
Sorry you didn't hit gold.
God bless and good luck

Thanks Mark, It was nice hunting with you.

Lets hope the world becomes a better place through our willing desire to and not because of desperate actions. You are a knowledgeable person.. Good luck on more rings!