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HF 9' Coil and Calabash Diggers Plan on a Plantation Hunt in SC

Had a great day hunting in coastal SC. Took the Deus to this site that was huge and started looking for home sites. Came across one when the iron started blowing my ears off.Previous tries in iron have not been good but this time I stuck to it using the 9' HF coil. My friend Calabash Digger has been saying be patient in the iron and it will come and sure enough it paid off.The results were amazing as I hauled in 8 flat buttons. Kept hoping for some design or a military button but just didn't happen. Regardless though it really showed the power of the Deus to separate the targets from the iron. Cant wait to get back to this spot as it is 150 acres of land near the river. Hoping for more home sites and more buttons and relics.


New member
Awesome just bought the 9x5 elliptical coil and cant wait to give it a try Thanks for posting . I just wish I was in an area for civil war relics Alas I am not but I do enjoy seeing all the great finds those post that are and I really Like watching and getting info from Calabash


Active member
Hi Calabash, I talked to you before I got my Deus, you don' t remember I am sure. I have really bad hearing I have aids in both ears, these are my last ones I can get, after that there is nothing can be done for me. My friend hunts in full tone, but I can get the dimes and other high hits, but can' t get other tones. Is there a setting that I could use other than Full Tone that might be better. The VDI"s jump after about 5" so I can" tell that way. Is there thing you can think of for me? Thanks flintstone


Hey Flintstone: I also wear hearing aids and i had to cut way back on using full tones because of the hearing loss especially in the higher tones. You can use multi-tones and set the tone in each segment so that you can hear it better for your hearing. I have one set up where i have nickles ( between 50 &60 in 12Khz) set to a tone that works for me and then i have another segment at 85 and above for pennies, dimes and quarters. the other areas i have set at the lowest tone so my two segments stand out. Having to listen for 2 tones rather than 100 tones makes it a LOT easier. Do try multi tones and make a few programs that work for your type of detecting. Hope this helps. Let me know if you want more info. gene


Active member
Thanks Martygene, I will give it a try. I really like the Deus, well I like all detectors but hearing is a big trouble for me. Thanks again flintstone