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How does the Coin$trike compare?

I have a Coinstrike I have not used in a while but am thinking about getting it out again for relief from the monotony of my Explorer. When I did use the C$ a few years ago I was very impressed with performance in trash and depth but didn't like the audio.

I notice these days nobody seems to talk about the Coinstrike on forums, it's mostly about the newer models. Does this indicate that the new Fisher models are so much better that the Coinstrike is no longer worth using?

Thanks ahead for anybody's input


New member
Probably the most misunderstood of all Fisher detectors I had an early one and was tough to learn as aspects had different names and the like. I believe their is a Coinstrike page on the net to help one out. Probably not as deep as current Fisher models I did well with it on silver coins but liked to call rusty bottle caps and rusty round object as high coins. Many do well with them in trashy areas... I believe Bill Ladd is working on a book or video on this unit...and may add some info..Have seen some sell at reasonable prices over the years on detector classifieds..


New member
Coinstrike is a top of the line detector,the main thing is to learn what the detector is telling you,The coinstrike is the best unit to my knowledge to use in trash areas,It is just as fast as the f75 or the f70 it reports back in real time so you can't get any faster than that at this time.As i said if you do not put the learning time in which is around 40-60 hrs you will not understand how this detector works.Once you have learned this detector you will never get rid of it.The coinstrike has been a good detector from the get go with no call backs and buit like a tank by the old fisher company.There are people who are going back to the coinstrike and finding out they were sorry for selling the first one they purchased.Also for the great price of $499.00 you are getting a highend detector with many great feathers for close to have price of the new highend detectors.This detector was selling for over $800.00 just a little over a year ago until fisher made a terrible mistake of discontinuing the Coinstrike.


New member
I've got a Coin$trike that is just like brand new with 8" and 5.75 coils. I thought about trading it and tried a few times but nobody seems to be interested. I also have a new Fisher F-70 and love it. I've had the Coin$trike and the F-70 out at the same time and they both got good hits on the same items in the ground. In other words the F-70 didn't find anything that the Coin$trike wouldn't also get an ID on. I'm going to keep my Coin$trike and just spend more time with it. Well, I'm going to try and divide it up between the F-70 and the Coin$trike. It is a great machine just takes a little more time to learn it. This is just my honest opinion.


Bill Ladd

New member
I think people get caught up in all the latest gagets coming out and the hyped up posts that the new releases come with. What I'm reading about the F5 is the latest example. I have an F5 & it is what it is. A nice unit for it's price point with well layed out controls but I'm not going to get carried away like some people. I would take the Coinstrike over it all day long (& with Coinstrike's now falling in price into that mid-range level, THAT would seem to be the best choice). The C$ is quirky, but great in trash, coins LOCK in with one number, not all jumpy. Has excellent auto ground tracking & simple auto ground balance, a salt mode, and a bunch of diff. coil sizes. Not so ergonomic, but the trade off is it's built alot more rugged to last. Still folks want to have the latest & supposedly the greatest, believing all the posts & flashy pcitures, but the C$ & all those features (& more I left out) shouldn't be overlooked. I'd like to do a DVD on the C$ soon as I know it well & made many of my best finds with it.....just not enough time in the day (or room on the hardrive) :)


New member
I call bullsh!t, I spent the upper price for this unit around $1100, only a couple years ago, and now it's available for half that price, and now there is a small coil for it!?
The new Fisher should honor lifetime warranties no matter what.
It was the old Fisher that screwed us loyal customers, not only in price but also in life-time-warranty issues, it could have been simple for old Fisher to say in the business contract, that by agreeing to buy our company you also agree to honor all of the existing life-time-warranties.
Old Fisher company = crooked
New Fisher company = honest(and smart in business)

Wish I would have waited


Active member
lordgilamesh said:
I call bullsh!t, I spent the upper price for this unit around $1100, only a couple years ago, and now it's available for half that price, and now there is a small coil for it!?

There's a 6" coil for it, not sure I'd want one any smaller. I have the 4" on my F4, and it's too small IMHO.



New member
Bill the coinstrike is it fast and how does it compair to the F70 in iron or the F75? Would you get a F70 even no you have one or a coinstrike to go along with your F75?


Active member
Low-Boy the C$ does real well in iron, although it does have a propensity for rusty nails, but AFAIK that's pretty much a weakness of any detector ?