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How many still use a vintage classic detector from the 70's-80's?


Well-known member
While I dont still use one . I once owned a Whites' coin master 6000D. I believe thats what it was. Had the big blue metalic box curved handle with a black button on the handle tip. Here is a pic of the last really good find I made with it. Almost 30 years ago. I gave the machine to my brother in law and dont know if he still has it. But I found this in Suffield , CT. in the front yard of a big colonial farm house . The property had been unused and uninhabited for many years before I got there. It was about 6" deep . I thought it was a toy at first . Until I held it and cleaned it up. It is a Smith Wesson revolver from the 1850's. Name and patent dates are on the sight guide on top of the barrel and very legible. Tried to get them in the photo but couldnt get my phone to focus in that close. It has a rosewood handle grip and still has a lot of the chrome plating left on it. Enjoy.


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Active member
I've got a CZ7 as well. that thing can get really deep on the beach. I was surprised at the depth we were getting with that thing. Hang in there. I hope your back will heal up for you soon.
My first "grown up" metal detector was a CZ7a, and I remember it picking up really deep signals, getting great battery life, and finding every deep bottle cap that was ever thrown away. It was a really nice machine but it sure loved bottle caps. Happy detecting and Best Wishes.


Well-known member
I've got a Fisher 1265X, have not used it in a couple of years
I just fixed a White's coinmaster that I bought like 5 years ago. It needed the 2 battery holders that go inside and one of the battery connectors was broken. Bought the holders and switch the connector. To my surprise it worked. However, the thing is worthless in the ground compared to the machine nowadays. It has probably 2 inches for coins. My compadre doubles that depth easily being a little machine. I am going to read the original manual just to make sure I am not missing something. Regards.


Well-known member
Which Coinmaster and coil size do you have?


Well-known member
A Whites Eagle Spectrum , with the Rainbow coil . It was my Dads, inherited it when he passed . Used it just a few times,, It's a little heavy . But she still works .

I been looking for one of those for years
I had one back in the late 1990's
I got so frustrated with it I sold it and went back to a silver sabre 2.

I did find stuff with it and used it quiet a bit. But lost patience due to having to reground balance after ever menu setting.

Now I would like to get my hands on one again to see if I could deal with it better.
I have the coinmaster precious metal locator. Here is a picture. I just remember that my father bought one the same back when I was like 8 years ago and it never worked. I'm going to look for it since I know for sure is in my father's house. Then I will try to turn it on and see if it works. I'll make a video just for fun. Imagine turning on after 35 years in my father's dusty attic.


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What are you using?
How often do you use it?
Disc or All Metal mode?
Favorite coil size?
What are the depths you are finding coins and jewelry at with it? Please no inflated, imaginary depths.
Hello Sven
I just started detecting again after several years. I still use my el dorado and my tiger shark but for Christmas i bought myself the new apex. The older machines are no match for depth or sensitivity but they still find stuff at park and the beach. I haven't tried the apex in water yet but will soon
Arthur, glad you’re still kicking. Jerry in Virginia here. When the Mark one came out, our old relic sites came alive with bullets. It gave a squeech on really deep stuff. I swear it would hit a 12” bullet in good ground with the 7 1/4” coil.
you would be amazed what it did with the 3-4” Whites coil, especially in iron.
A bunch of us got the new Equinox 800 with added 6" coil. A park we've been hunting for close to 20 years has come alive again with good finds in the last three outings. Just for fun I took my Mark 1 out first to start against my buddy's Nox. After finding a 1903 IH, I stuck with it for the rest of the evening. Ended up bettering the Nox with more good finds. Funny when you think this Mark 1 was made before most of the folks over at Minelab were even born.


I have a garrett groundhog with 3 different size coils.i still use it once in a while. Works great.the only thing that ever needed to be replaced was the slide in battery holder.It can definitely find deep coins if you pay attention to the very faint sounds.


Well-known member
..... I have a fisher 1212x which I love to bring out sometimes,,, always find something with this little machine!
One of my favorites. So much so I have more than one. I use it often when I want to just have fun. Deepest coin was a quarter at a measured 7" which really surprised me with a faint but solid tone.


I use my Garrett Master Hunter 7 occasionally but now that I turned 60 I find myself using it less and less because of the weight. I love it but she's a beast for sure to carry.