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How much is a etrac with warranty till 2021 worth?


New member
I recently purchased a etrac used,original buyer purchased mar 29,2018 he never registered it so I did and it has a warranty till mar 29 2021.looks and works brand new and I mean brand new,headphones never used at all and i haven't even used the detector myself besides air testing in hotel room.i don't know what I want to do with it so I'm really just fishing I have a nox 800 so it and the etrac could be perfect combo but I've always wanted a deus but cant afford to put that much into another detector.having the nox 800 do I really need a deus? What is the deus besides light and fast!? Not nocking it but the nox is light and fast! What do yall think? I need direction maybe one of you experienced folks can tell me to pull back my reigns and reassure have a good one


New member
-- moved topic --


New member
It's worth keeeeping !!!! Just look at the finds a member named "floodplaindetector" pulls out of the ground !!!!!!!!! Incredible !!!! If he can do all that with the E-Trac, well so can you and all that use the power of the E-Trac !!!!


New member
Thanks roadapple.your or only correct and that's how I feel too I'm just overthinking alot of the times.


Well-known member
is what a particular person is willing to pay at a given point in time--and that varies.
New models coming out will affect it too--people like new toys; if others are selling their etracts and there is suddenly an abundance of them.....:surrender:


New member
The prices of the Etrac had been pretty buoyant but since the latest Minelab offering has come out the prices basically have dropped like a lead balloon,bottom line its a buyers market at the moment and ongoing as well i would think.

People alas are after bargains and unless you price it accordingly then it could take some time for it too sell,trouble is what folks think a detector is worth and what folks are prepared to pay could be 'poles apart'
I have the same question. I have the 800 and think what’s the difference between the Deus. I think the Deus may have an edge. Not sure what options are out there


New member
It does have a slight edge on some nail"seperation" test for sure if its tweaked just right but the nox in multi has advantages over a dues on some things too and cost 400 less that said I'd like a dues just because. Yeah thanks guys I well know all that worth what I can get mumbo that's no help but thanks for your opinions.really I was just fishing for a possible dues trade cause the etrac is mint and less than 2 months old.the smart move though is keep what I have and go swinging.really though thanks for letting me spin my wheels and giving your point of views,mega your probly right about the nox hurting etrac value.