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I am having a little trouble with GPS mode....................


Ok here is what happening. I set my time which is eastern time zone, Gps enhanced on, time format 12 hrs, time zone utc -05:00, units yards, GPS time sync is checked, There is another setting I do not know anything about, which is dms and dm. It is set on dms. What is Dms or dm? Well anyway some times when I turn on my CTX. the time is wrong, so the gps will not turn on or lock on to satellite's. How should all those setting be set?
You may have to turn Enhanced off.

Here is a snippet form the manual about Enhanced.

"The Enhanced setting turns on the Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS), which improve GPS accuracy. This setting must only be selected in locations where SBAS (or Wide Area Augmentation System) is available."

SBAS may not be available in your area.


New member
-DMS = Degree's/minutes/seconds 38 37'50" (old school)
-DM = Degrees/decimal minutes 38 37.5 (aircraft)
it's just two ways of sayin the same thing,,, your lat and long position
make sure you let the machine "locate" sats and finds it's position in a clear spot ( need to be in a clear area with no trees above), and check your time selection if the time is off


Active member
WAAS covers all of the US, so if you are located in the US, having Enhanced ON should be fine. It does take a few minutes to acquire satellites, and once it does the GPS symbol will be solid, not flashing. Grouser gave and explanation of DMS and DM. You might turn the GPS off, and check and see if your time comes up correct. If it is fine, then try each of the GPS ON settings and check the clock to see if either one of those settings make any changes with the time. My machine isn't available to me for a few days, or I would try some things to see if I could find a reason the clock would be incorrect. I run my CTX in the Enhanced and not had any problems with the time being incorrect...........
This isn't related to your time and GPS question, but when you get into the XChange2 App, there are preferences that will need to be set there as well. There is a small black rectangular box in the upper right hand corner of the App screen labeled Preferences. Go into that and set the options there. If you forget to change that to MILES, your info in the App will be in meters and centimeters, not feet and inches. Good Luck with the new machine............HH

Buried Crap NJ

New member
Not sure this helps but mine does the same thing. I set the time to the correct time and Eastern daylight savings and then selected (GPS Time Syn). As soon as I get a fix the time changes back 1 hr the Eastern Standard Time. Tried this a few times with the same results.I just turned off the Syn.
I have never had to tell a GPS to update the correct time before. Usually after the first fix the time (minutes /seconds) get set automatically.Normally you just need to be on the correct dated close, to the correct time and tell the machine about where you are on the earth for the initial fix.After it aquires the first satalight it get all the info it needs to continue.


Active member
I live in Missouri and have my CTX set to UTC time zone -5:00. If you are in Eastern Time Zone using Daylight Savings, I think your setting should be -4:00. When daylight savings ends, I suppose we will have to reset to the correct UTC time zone.

Copied from a UTC US map:
Eastern Time (ET)
Eastern Standard Time (EST) (UTC-5)
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (UTC-4)

From page 49 in the manual:
Set Time
Set Time allows you to change or set the current time. This option is only available if GPS Time Sync is not selected.

Time Zone
Time Zone is based on Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), and options range from UTC - 01:30 to UTC + 12:00.