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I quit that other forum website

Dave J.

New member
Quite a few of our fellow forum denizens post on several different forums. For me, as it relates to metal detecting, it's been pretty much Findmall and "that other treasure forum".

That "other forum" has become unusable. Constantly crashes my computer, and even when it doesn't do that, it's impossibly slow. It's not a browser or OS issue, happens on both my puters running different browsers and OS's. Recently other screwy stuff has been happening, the kind of stuff that happens with malware. This evening I decided to quit that other forum, wanted to post there to at least say goodbye, but wasn't able even to do that. So oddly enough, I'm having to post that "Dave's not here" sign...... here.

Dave's still here. But not there.

[I'm posting this same thing in several Findmall forums where I regularly participate.]

Dave J.

New member
In general, the management here doesn't like naming other forums that they regard as competing with this one. (Nothing unusual about that rule, most commercial forum websites have that same rule.) So, I'll just rearrange what I've already said: if you frequent another commercial forum website that could be regarded in competition with Findmall, where you see some of the same people posting (not always with the same alias), and I've been posting for many years, and no more posts by me, it's that one.

The only reason I'm posting here about it, was so that people who lurk or post in both places will know I'm not there any more. "There" was the right place to make that post but it crashed my computer so I said basta ya!. There's no "inside dope" and nothing to discuss by PM.


I belong to the other 3 big ones and a manufacture forum and have NO issues as you describe. win7 any browser works fine... well don't use IE but Chrome and Firefox work fine. Yes the one is slow but not unusable slow when using a high speed connection.. main page loads in about 5 seconds after clicking my book mark. If you entire pc is crashing it certainly isn't the site.. Good luck with your PC problems.


New member
Hey airscapes,

In my case I happened to be on the site, but not logged in. I was just checking recent posts. My computer crashed while on the site. I was using Firefox at the time.

On another occasion, while on the site, my antivirus system flashed a message that it had blocked something malicious. That was enough for me. I don't know if it was the same forum as Dave J, but the situation seems awful similar.

I also decided to bail out. My computer had NEVER crashed, or had any issues prior to that. I am pretty meticulous about running anti malware scans, and such, in addition to the antivirus software.


Well must not be one of the 3 I frequent since none were down today. Hope you didn't catch anything, and your troubles don't return.


New member
most of the time that I visit that other forum I have alot of issues with my computer screen turning blue and shutting down. My wife has to do her magic on the PC and asks me what I was doing. I tell her I was on the forums and she says I'm getting something from there that is causing the problem. Guess I will just stop visiting there. Thanks for the heads up.....HH


Active member
Under the circumstances, it makes a lot of sense for you to save your "woof" for this forum, Dave.

Always enjoy your posts and appreciate that you share your knowledge here.


New member
For the terminally curious (ooh, I just made a joke!) - Google is your friend.

When I want to see what somebody has posted on a different forum on a similar topic, I,just,google their name with the top is - for example:

Googling "dave j metal detectors" should bring enlightenment and "speedy relief"