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Infinium Technical Questions


New member
Thanks for setting up this forum! I posted these questions in another forum, but now have more clarifications and they now belong in this new forum.

Regarding the discrimination on the Infinium, what exactly is the discrimination knob doing? Is it a pulse delay? So since it is gold that I am looking for, it seems that I would want to keep discrimination (pulse delay) as low (on the dial) as possible. A Garrett customer service person responded to me that their discrimination circuit helps eliminate foil, pull-tabs and nickel, which I don't understand how they do it without affecting gold sensitivity since I thought gold showed to have the lowest conductivity on a PI machine. Perhaps they were answering with regards to coin hunting??? Could someone please help me understand exactly, technically, what the discrimination dial is doing?

Regarding the frequency adjust, here is what a Garrett customer service person reported: "The Infinium is a pulse detector often called multi-frequency. The transmit bandwidth of the Infinium unit is 500HZ to 150 kHZ. The Infinium has 32 channels and each channel has its own set of 96 frequencies that move inside the transmit bandwidth. " Regarding the frequency adjustment - while the actually frequencies cannot be adjusted, the reason that I am interested is that I want my machine to go deep for gold, which I understand is usually attained via lower frequencies. So I want to understand how the dial works and if adjusting the frequency via the dial would raise frequencies and thus reduce my capability to find deep gold. Does anyone know if/how changing the frequency setting will affect the search for gold?

Thank you!


Staff member
Discrimination Knob- It is used to tune out the salt in salted waters. It usually has to be set (if at all) no higher then 2. In fact, the manual suggests you run it no higher then 3. You don't use it to tune out pulltabs. There were some complaints last year about the Infinium not working in certain beaches, whereas other PI's could. What was actually happening is that the other PI's were already factory preset to disc out salt, possibly discing out some small gold bands. The Infinium set at zero disc. was getting all sorts of interference. The Infinium was designed this way. It allows the user to tune out the salt water to his/her requirements. When hunting in salt water, it is best to hunt with the detector partially unstable, so it can still get those smaller gold bands that others can't.

Frequency adjust- Some of those frequency adjust bands pick up outside interference such as power lines, transmitting frequencies, and other metal detectors. If you ever get the chance to use the Infinium in close proximity to other VLF's, you will notice that at a still great distance, you will pick up their operating frequencies. Anyhow one/some the 32 channels can be sensitive to nearby to certain interference frequencies, so those are the ones you omit. By picking up the quietest channel, again allows you to operate the Infinium in a nice quiet environment. Don't worry about losing the best operating frequency for wont happen. The Infinium is already tweaked to respond well to gold. I have picked up gold rings at an easy 14 inches giving a nice strong signal.


New member
John, very nice post!!!

I just wanted to mention that on some occasions I've hunted hot black sand areas with the "disc" set between 3 & 4.

I was still hitting hard on small deep targets and didn't notice any real loss of performance. You also need to remember that the Infinium is one of the only machines that discriminates at depth to the target.

Garrett states that the Infinium can also be run in silent mode (no threshold) successfully if needed. I've also used my machine like this and it worked just fine.

The most important thing when adjusting this detector is to ground balance properly. If the best frequency is set and the detector is ground balanced correctly, you should have a pretty stable and smooth running machine.

If you plan on using the Infinium in salt areas, I would suggest not using the hip mount option. This has been listed on many posts from experts using this detector. The best bet is to shaft mount the unit with the cable from the coil going straight up 18" before looping up to the control box. This is because the detector is so sensitive and it just works best with this configuration mentioned. If you use an after market straight shaft the weight and balance is greatly improved.

I wouldn't recommend this detector for beginners or someone that isn't going to put in the required time in to be successful with it. It has a learning curve and it takes time to understand the new language associated with it. It works best in the water and surf which is true for any PI type machine!

If I'm going to hunt dry or wet sand, I'll usually use a VLF as these work better in this environment.



New member
HI Folks,

I agree with John above that it is best to run the LS just a little un-stable. Sometimes , under the water/ weather/ salt conditions that are always changing, it is almost impossible to get a stable signal anyway.

In my short experience, I've found by taming the volume of the signal, I was able with practice, to understand what the machine was telling me. (Something I couldn't do when my ears were ringing from the blasts of signals) I still get some hash (noisy) signals that were confusing at first. I now am able to sort out the good from the noise and have been very satisfied with the results!!!

GL&HH Friends,



New member
Heck, local Realtors know I'm a Detectorist and often ask me to locate certain property stakes. So far my Infinium works best for that and has never failed to find the markers. In my test garden my Infinium hits silver coins deeper than any other machine I own, and that includes the latest version- top of the line foreign import land detector (which I happen to like too). While I might not use the Infinium in the park or playground, I would use it for hunting deep silver, relics, buried treasures and natural gold nuggets, all on land. CC.