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Introduce Yourself....What Type Of Metal Detecting Do You Do With Purchasing A New ATX In Mind? :biggrin:


New member
Hell-o. New to forum and am thinking on the ATX, so was wondering some pros and cons. Any help is appreciated. BTW I do all kinds of detecting. At the moment using Xterra 70 and 705. Not much luck on nuggets tho.


New member
Great detector...real deep and real sensitive to gold...BUT it's super heavy and way overdesigned collapsibility. Pretty neat for tracvel..but how often will we need that?

I use it in wet sand for deep gold rings.

Joe (California)


New member
Hi from Oz, Have been using the ATX now for about 6months and it is my first PI though I have been detecting for over 20 years. I've also been a guest on the forum for a while and tried to register previously but with no luck...somehow it worked today? It is really is only a part time hobby and I only have time for hunt for a few hours every couple of weeks and every so often a couple of days. I have found gold and was lucky enough to be selected by Garrett this month as the recipient of the International Find of the Month competition for a write-up of an one and a half day adventure finding nuggets. I have used it in all settings beach, relic and gold and the ATX is a great allrounder and has performed easily and effortlessly in all environments. I recently purchased the large mono for the beach (too many tiny metal fragments on these low energy beaches and it was my way to bias the finds to larger objects) and this coil is excellent at the waters edge and on the inter-tidal zone, with coin and ring sized objects. I have not yet ventured into the water beyond the knees with any coil. Also the beaches are flat this time of year, the erosion taking place during our summer months. The only problem I have had is the tiny returnspring on the latch for the shaft has popped out and bent. so the latch doesn't autoclose (a $2 part I suspect).


New member

I just bought a used ATX metal detector off Craigslist in the San Jose bay area. I got a pretty good deal and I have the stock coil plus the 8" mono plus the water and land headphones and the Garrett Pro Pointer and a nice beach scoop. Generally I metal detect the beaches from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay and then once a year I go gold nugget hunting in Nevada. I used to have a White's Spectra V3i and decided to sell it and get a Garrett ATX for the following reasons:

  • White's Spectra V3i would not work well at all in the Nevada mineralized soils
  • I don't want to have to worry about running for cover if it starts to rain
  • on the beaches I like to dig all targets anyways and want some greater depth
  • I wanted a detector that is a great beach hunter and gold nugget hunter

I just got my ATX last Saturday and hunted a few hours last Sunday. I can't wait to head to the beaches this weekend and see what it can really do! It's not as bad using the 8" mono at the beach, I can detect without the harness, will try the stock coil also soon.

Booty Hunter

New member
Aloha MSAu,

I am very interested in your experience with the 20" mono coil. Can you give me some more details on it's performance on the beach? You mentioned that it picked up the coins and rings while by-passing small bits of metal. Do you think that if you had the stock coil that you'd be hitting the small bits that the large mono isn't getting? Have the rings been both on the surface and deep?

Currently I've been using the infinium DD coils because I use a carbon straight shaft with the atx chest mounted. I will pick up everything. Small flakes of rust and small junk stud earrings. Thats even with disc at 3-5 and sensitivity at 5-6. I've heard of a Aussie company making large mono coils for the atx soon that I may be able to buy that do not come with the telescoping shaft. Just what I need.

But, back to the 20" mono. I'd love to be able to hit the beach and cover massive ground and only dig the bigger targets. But I don't want to miss something like a smaller diamond ring either. Will the 20" pick up a small ring?

Thanks for your insight.


New member
i do beach hunting but will try desert this buggy season for gold ….. i've been out two times with the ATX one trashy beach that was fun and the first time did find a brass ring first ten min out thought it was a big gold ring butt no…. i'll try again this weekend ….


New member
Hi Everyone
I'm Chuck from New Zealand. I've been following many of your ATX adventures & am now waiting paitently for my own one to arrive in the post. Am looking forward to swinging it in the hills out the back of home in the search of gold.

I've been having a ball with my AT Gold & have been very impressed with it's ability to detect tiny gold that many operators miss. My smallest gold hit is a 0.02 gram speck (next to the dime in the photo) & I regularly find 0.05 gram bits (can't really call these nuggets). Best find with th AT Gold is 1/2 oz on the second day out of it's box. Yahoooo.

Can't wait to see what the ATX does.
Thanks for all your stories & info.

Happy Hunting



New member
Fupduk here.

I am a buried treasure hunter. Would like to be a BT recoverer! I have been researching for years.

I would like to know if the ATX deepseeker is a good setup to recover BT at depths of 1 to 3 feet? Is there a better one?

Most sites are 200 to 2000 in gold coins or an equal amount of bullion. Hopefully anyway!

BT is likely, but not necessarily, in metal strapped wood strongboxes or bedraggled leather saddlebags.

I feel that most are no more than 3 feet because the buriers usually had a posse riding after them trying to shoot portions of their behinds off with various weapons. IMHO, that sort of incentive makes you dig shallow and fast.

I have a fairly accurate ML 4500 but I like the collapsible feature of the ATX because it doesn't tell the world that one of those ,dastardly, deed doers are seeking riches in their area.



New member
Hi Y'all

Fairly new at detecting. I have an ATPro and thinking I will round out with the ATX for mostly the beach, salt and fresh.
I think with what I have read and watched on YT these two detectors will enable me to try my hand at anything.

Semper Fi.



New member
Hi my names Dave and I live in Central Florida. I just bought my ATX for the beach. I have a Sand Shark that I use now and I love it but the beach is covered with them and Excaliburs and who knows what else so I wanted something that would go deeper than the rest and was 100% waterproof. I have 2 AT Pros I land hunt with. I also don't mind digging everything at the beach as I learn something every time I dig a target. I am, having a tough time understanding the difference between sensitivity and discrimination on a machine like this but I will figure it out!


New member
Whats up guys Paolo here from Montreal very new to metal detecting. Decided to take a plunge and got myself an ATX Deepseeker cant wait to try it out.Finally I can fulfill my childhood curiosity :)


New member
Hi Ya'll,

I'm located in E. Texas. Metal detecting experience six to eight months maybe 40 hours with an ATPro. Want to add a PI machine to my stable and have the hots for the ATX. Seems to be a lot of half assed tests on UTube and 2500 plus is a lot of money to me but I find I always regret it if I don't do it. So how does one get the straight skinny on ATX performance since the manufacturers don't publish it. The last test I saw on UTube was at Galveston Beach with nickels taped to sticks, flat orientation, at 10,12, 14, 18,and 20. I think I got that right, close anyway. Conducted with a DD coil the sound ran out at weak fourteen inches. Why use a DD coil on a PI machine? From what I have read the circular and elliptical or modified circular are the most efficient for depth. What gives or am I asking the choir since you folks have a vested interest. Is there a place where one can get the whole truth without hearing detector speak? Oh BTW I want to use it at the beach.

Semper Fi, Joe


New member
Hi everybody,
I'm from France and I prepare myself to go to the Burkina Faso. I've already finished all government procedure to be able to begin my hunt party.
I've found your products on the Internet and I'm interested by the ATX model. First of all I want to know if this is the good one for my destination ?
We'll be two to use it, between 5 and 7H per day. My second question is about the deep. To how many meters, the ATX is able to detect gold. I know that depend of the size of the nugget just to have an idea.
BTW, I will check on your forum if there are other information that could be useful for my trip.

Thanks in advance


Active member
Hey Everybody,

I started to look at the ATX about two weeks ago after watching some youtube videos. I have a few detectors now but no PI machines, I'm thinking of trying Prospecting. I already jewelry hunt, water and sand hunt, coin hunt, and starting to travel to the beaches to hunt. After watching quite a few videos I'm really liking the ATX and thinking of adding one by fall.

HH Rick


New member
I plan to do some testing in the gold bearing areas in my home state and perhaps will take it with me into some other areas when I travel there.

My first efforts will be in Arizona and New Mexico and perhaps later in California and Colorado.

I am pretty new to the area of metal detecting but plan to be serious about it.

I hear this unit (an ATX) would be able to detect up to 20 inches deep.


New member
Hello to all!

Newbie in metal detecting ... just sprung for an ATX (GULP). I am all ears.

Thanks in advance.



New member
all types mostly gold:iam in so cal area lots of gold bearing areas to search without water and with the the new atx unlimited areas to explore