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It seems that many of the Christian Believers & Conservatives are feeling the HEAT of Biden's False presidenial Excutive Orders..

Missouri -- Ma Betty

Well-known member
That are Overriding President Trumps' good works for America while in office, as he put God, his Family & Country first! Many Christians are losing Faith in God's help because He doesn't do everything for our FREEDOM right now and it seems to put we BELIEVERS & Patriotic citizens last by Biden's Bloody Dem Killing Innocent Babies Party & using our Tax monies to pay the murdering clinics (PP). Biden's Obamanation is he, Obama & commies put America last so China becomes the leading nation of the ONE WORLD ORDER, as the Congress Chinese Dem lovers reap more wealth from our enemies giving THE BIDENs more monies for favors & Gov secrests! They better take the handling of America's codes away from Biden, or there will be real diasters & not just the threats Of retaliation from Syria! Well here is a poem that I wrote in 1988 when hope & faith were low before, during or after Obama's & Biden's Evil Administration harming THE USA ! Satan heats up evil with his wicked servants & God cools & revives His people with love by His Holy Ghost Power when we are on FIRE SPIRITUALLY for Jesus! Amen! Ma


Are we lost and walking in the firey furnace,
Where satan's many harms try to burn us?
There the heat is often turned way up high,
Unless we make him flee and his sins deny.

Sometimes the fiery trials will get hotter,
After being led astray by the evil plotter;
We must be aware of every trap he lays,
For Satan and his demons have cunning ways;

We need to be wise to their deceiving lures,
Because giving in to these temptations sin occurs;
By staying in unforgiveness, we will be in hell,
Where in fiery flames all sinners will dwell;

Being constantly tortured, every lost soul suffers so,
For they listened to old Satan, who's the foe,
Whose way is easy to find, for 'tis wide,
But what a horrible place in which to abide;

To escape this pitfall that has a fiery end,
We must believe, accept and follow Jesus, our Friend;
Though His way is narrow, for entering a strait gate,
Please find His lighted path before it is too late;

Therefore, don't be a sinner; be a believer instead;
To drink of Living Water and eat His Bread;
Ask Jesus to be your Savior and Lord,
And live daily in obedience to God's Word,

As He leads His own towards a glorious land,
With Mansions waiting that are beautiful and grand;
Blessings of love will fill each sanctified soul,
By having made new Jerusalem city our final goal.

In God's eternity is joy, peace and love-
Where our Savior, Jesus Christ, is reigning above;
But in a fiery furnace of sulferic, brimstone flames,
Sinners will be conscious of all their shames.

So, are we saved and walking where it's safe?
By knowing Jesus, personally, and having complete faith;
Whom do we serve & follow each day?
Escape the firey furnace by living our Lord's way!

Composed by Sister Ma Betty
November 22, 1988

God Jehovah saves! Just ask Him by faith believing , as He never denies anyone! Amen! Ma
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