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Just for kicks

jim tn

Well-known member
Since I retired a number of years ago my practice has been to hunt early mornings, with a hunting buddy usually, for 3-4 hours. And, I have stayed the course, mainly hunting for old coins and with pleasure, take any gold or silver jewelry that might come along. Like for many many years hunters like myself, the typical spots that for years and decades we've hunted have gotten to the point that finding a wheat cent is a good outing. And with the pandemic, little is being re-seeded, if one enjoys hunting clad, and door knocking is pretty much a no, no.

A couple days ago I had been re-hunting the curb strips along a very old, but highly visible spot with my F 75 and 5" DD coil. This length of blvd is a literal blanket of trash as it is on one of the streets that leads into a heavily used facility. As fate would have it, I did sniff out a 1912 wheat cent and 2 50's era Rosie dimes, along with a few modern, more recent dropped coins. For those of you that hunt in trash, if you don't have, you need to at least give Fisher's or Teknetics 5" DD coil a try. It is truly a laser.

Anyway, as I was leaving the site, I was glancing across a large, fenced, pristine field set up with several soccer goals and recalled when that area of barren ground fifteen or so years ago, including where I was now parked, was bulldozed and new sod brought in, streets, lighting and parking area's installed. In the middle of the area where some lighted parking is available is a fairly wide and a fairly long piece of ground that goes towards another part of the site.. I thought to myself, JUST FOR KICKS, why not hunt that stretch of ground.

Some of you are probably saying to yourself, why haven't you already? Well, mainly because it looks like a new modern area. The original ground was bulldozed and sand and new sod brought in and installed. Although not totally pristine, it is one of the few areas in our city that is regularly maintained. But, I thought, it might at least contain a few pieces of clad and maybe even, a chunk of jewelry. So, I made mental plans to give it a shot the next morning.

The next morning found me on the spot with my trusty ole Omega 8000 and its stock 10" concentric coil. I began a meandering, zig zag hunting pattern, just trying to get a feel for the spot and was recovering enough clad and cent coins to keep it interesting. About a hour into the hunt I recovered my first crusty green coin from about a 4" depth. A later determined 1906 IH. Shortly thereafter a wheat back shows up. Then, my highlight of the outing, from about 4" came a well worn 1907s Barber quarter. These older coins and all the clad and cents had all come from depths of 4" or less. All, from either in the sod, sod roots or the layer of sand. My last older target of the outing, however, came from down in the older ground, ground beneath the sod and sand layer. It turned out to be a nice 1914d Barber dime from all of 6" deep.

Just for kicks, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. HH jim tn


Well-known member
Interesting Jim-----I'll bet if you take a deeper detector/coil combo in there you will come up with more deeper (older) coins.---------Del


Well-known member
Nice,, to bad you cant find out where they hauled that dirt in from ,, sounds like that could be another nice place to hunt. Good job on the recoveries.

jim tn

Well-known member
I've just come to find out that particular area of ground (may) be maintained by one of our local colleges and if so they do not allow metal detecting on their grounds. I'll probably try and keep a low profile and sniff around a bit there on weekends when there is little activity around.

Year, Del, the 75 will get the nod for any future sniffing. It, in fact, got me another Barber quarter, 1915, this morning from a old country Church we just obtained permission to hunt on....and it was down there near pin pointer depth. Probably out of reach of any of my other detectors??? Thanks, and you all stay safe. HH jim tn


Well-known member
Jim TN, I' hear you well! I have been relying on smaller-size search coils for the majority of the 55+ years I've been detecting. My currnt outfit is at-th-ready:
CoRe → 'OOR' DD
Relic → 5" DD
Bandido II µMNAX → 6" Con.
Silver Sabre µMAX → 6" Con.
MX-7 → 6½" Con.

Those coils stay mou8nted full-time because I hunt more places that 'call-for-small'. I do like mid-size coils or most other hunting and am prepared with:
Vanquish 540 → 5X8 DD
Simplex + → 5X9½ DD
XLT w/6½" Con.
(Which is in this category simply due to the fact that the XLT can't perform as slow in heavy trash like the others.)

I pick a site to hunt then I pick an outfit that's ready-to-go. I am making some adjustments and I'm also using the new Apex w/6X11 DD, but that's mainly because they don't have a smaller-size coil for it yet. But I'm impressed with how it performs with what I call a 'mid-big' coil. I preach 'small coil' to people all the time, and quite often we can get much better performance and even reasonable detection depth with a good smeller coil on a very good detector.

I do have some other coils for units I have in my Accessory Coil tote, but I am also prepared with a 5" DD on a spare lower rod for a Teknetics T2
(Since I might get another and I like them better than the F75.) and a a 5" DD on a spare lower rod for some of the Teknetics and fisher models, such as the Omega 8000's or F44's. Those models are really good urban Coin Hunter but don' fair so well in dense Iron contaminated sites. I also have a round 7' Concentric for the F44 or Omega 8K and I prefer that coil to the 10" elliptical Con. coil. So I am reedy should I come across another creampuff unit that's affordable.

Congrats on your success and, like me, keep promoting those smaller coils that can work so well for us.



jim tn

Well-known member
Hi Monte, I hunt in trash a lot, in fact, I rather enjoy it. Thus, I have some version of a small coil for all my detectors. Yes, my hunting is more urban related, but a fair number of my spots had Civil war activity and are still yielding a few old goodies. Late last year I recovered a 1819 1/2 Reale, along with some clad, from one such spot. By the same token, I am a strong advocate of the necessity for good depth. As pointed out on that 9" deep Barber quarter I dug yesterday with my F 75. Like detectors, one coil won't do it all, either. Most importantly, though, this is one super fascinating hobby. HH jim tn

jim tn

Well-known member
A quick up-date. After church on Sunday my oldest son and I picked up a fishing boat he had just bought and after getting it tucked away I grabbed the trusty Omega and headed over to the above mentioned spot. It was late in the afternoon and with days now getting shorter, I only had a couple hours of good swinging light left. I took a small area and worked it pretty tight hoping for just 1 old coin. Didn't get any older coins, just a few pieces of clad and cents, but did get a rather nasty looking ring. It was a pretty good size and read about right for a nice chunk of silver, 90-92, but it was badly tarnished. After getting it cleaned up back home, I was pleased to see 925 marked inside along the edge and it weighed in at a nice 9.9 grams. A nice ending to another pleasant day. HH jim tn


Well-known member
To boldly hunt where no man has hunted before...
Every detectorist wants to find a place like that. I would go back to that place with every detector that I have with the smallest coils on them to sift threw any masking iron or trash. Great post !

jim tn

Well-known member
dfmike, it will be a work in progress. Since I don't know firsthand if it is off limits for sure, I'll simply hunt and be dumb. (easy enough) I will, though, pick the most advantageous times and keep a low profile. As far as coils, haven't really run into much trash over all. Fair amount of square tabs and the occasional piece of iron and bottle cap. Nice indicators from just two hunts, though, for working it good and tight. HH jim tn