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Just got my Anfibio today


New member
It seems like a sturdy piece and Im looking forward to swing it. I was hoping you couldlower tone volume on each VDI but I guess they are in groups?? Bit confusing on what which VDI are in each Zone. Anyways any info for noobies would be appreciated Im sure.
Congrats on your new Anfibio! It would be best to always identify which of the 3 Anfibio models you have...the 14, the 19, or the Multi. I'm sure --over time-- you will love it as you begin to understand the different setups and what works best for you. The Anfibio is a very high performance machine that does take care in setup. But VERY EASY TO OPERATE ONCE YOU SET UP YOUR PREFERRED SETTINGS AND --SAVE THEM--. Then it is a simple turn it on and go detecting! __THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU IS TO READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND IT ALL.__ I tend to read my manuals through 4 times each.

ANY TIME THE MACHINE DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT......SIMPLY DO A FACTORY RESET. Time and again you will try out things or forget which key to press (normally the + or - for adjustments) and press the wrong key with no idea of how to reverse your key selection. Not to fret...because the only answer is a --simple factory reboot--. Do this by pressing the FD/SAVE BUTTON in the FAR RIGHT "OPTIONS" COLUMN. Then there are a couple simple steps as outlined in your owners manual again under FACTORY DEFAULT/SAVE(FD/SAVE) 3 PARAGRAPHS DOWN. (No reason for me to repeat it all here if you have your manual). (Read about this button on page 23).

Now the nice thing about becoming friends with this particular button is that in addition to giving you a complete reboot to factory settings, this button can also be used to SAVE YOUR SETTINGS. So on start up, you do not have to reset each time your mode, your frequency, your gain (power/sensitivity level) level of discrimination, ISAT (intelligent self adjusting threshold) ***VERY IMPORTANT*** THIS (iSAT) COMES DEFAULT ON 1, IN MOST LOCATIONS AND SOILS YOUR MACHINE WILL HAVE NOTICEABLY MORE POWER WHEN THIS IS SET TO ZERO (0)...BIG DIFFERENCE! BE SURE TO REMEMBER THIS ONE! Once you try it both ways, I doubt you will forget. ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO SET UP THE MACHINE AS YOU LIKE IT, THEN SAVE THE PROGRAM. "SET IT AND FORGET IT." :)

OK...on to your questions... You are correct in saying that the TONE VOLUME must be set in groupings, no individual VDI numbers. Which to me is perfect. To try and remember a certain tone to 1 exact number (the way they fluctuate) would be an exercise in futility for me. These small groupings are very nice to adjust the TONE VOLUME on. For example: The --really great benefit-- to me is not having the machine lose power by using a lot of discrimination. Instead leave discrimination off or very low, and adjust the TONE VOLUME down to 1 for the heavy ferrous. (Setting on TONE VOLUME are from 1 to 5, 5 the loudest). This way you can still slightly hear your discriminated ferrous iron, but have the volume way low, down at 1. But now the discrimination of the machine does not have to work with its detrimental effects on good targets nearby (like low reading small gold rings, etc.) and the overall loss of power from using discrimination. You will easily understand the process the first time you try it out. Again... DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT... your mistakes are easily cleared with a factory reset! Practice and learn by DOING. Just today I was out in the yard with mine, learning some advanced techniques.

Then go through EACH NUMBER GROUPING SHOWING ON THE SCREEN, and adjust each one from 1 to 5. Again...lots of flexibility for what YOU like. The number of groups will vary based on which mode you are using. For example there are 1,2,3,4,5,99, & specialty modes. I would suggest the easy to follow and setup THREE TONE MODE for beginning. Just to get the feel for the machine. Be aware that the factory has made adjustments to each mode such as the default power level, and types of soils recommended for that mode. A lot more happens when you switch modes than just getting more VDI groupings!

Practice what works best for you, how aggressive you want to be, how much background noise you are willing to tolerate. Start simple, go easy. The machine is VERY, VERY POWERFUL... and does not need a lot of coaxing to get it down into the depths. More often than not... less is more with this Anfibio. When you get good and have your modes learned, and your favorite settings are all set to build on those skills as you prefer. Or keep a simple easy to use machine, that is the benefit of the Anfibio...the versatility.

Any other questions...just shoot...but first read the manual slowly and carefully cover to cover.

And I HIGHLY SUGGEST Building your own "Test Bed" dug in your yard.... bury a coin of each denomination...put some coins down deep at 8 & 10", put a quarter at a FOOT for practice try all the different modes. Then just for FUN...try the "DEEP MODE" and see if the results please will have one big ear to ear grin on your face, THAT I will assure you!

All the Best and Good Luck DirtMiner!
Jack Barlow
I thought I would follow up with a quick and direct answer to your question. Often my posts are long, but I have been told time and again that the entire post was well worth reading. I try to give plenty of wheat with only a little chaff.

You mentioned: “ A bit confusing which VDI ARE IN EACH ZONE.”

NOT AT ALL... as on pages 12 and 13, when you look at the MODE YOU ARE USING, in that EXACT paragraph is a CLEAR AND CONCISE BREAKDOWN OF WHAT EACH OF THE GROUPING NUMBERS WILL HOLD. It could not be easier!

For example the 3 TONE which I suggested you use for starting out... you will see the following on page 13....

“AND A HIGH TONE FOR NON-FEROUS METALS FROM 67-99... (such as sliver, brass, and copper.)”

So there you see your -exact numbers- that will be contained in each respective bin.

Now...moving on to the 4 Four Tone (which I prefer to use (due to its aggressive nature) you will simply see one more “bin” as they are correctly called).” So setting up your TONE VOLUME AS YOU WANTED... is quite simple. But you need the book. A simple page of hand written records of these “Bin Numbers” for the Mode you use would be helpful in your pouch. As well as your basic Target ID numbers for each of the regular coins. Funny me saying that just now...because I was feeling quite weak having received not one, but 2 new stents in my heart just a couple days ago. But the normal I.D. Coin numbers did not at all work, because I found not one, but two English “Coppers” one 5 cents, one 10 cents. You gotta LOVE Digging those BIG ENGLISH COPPERS!

Where was this site? I just walked down to the end of my street on to the doctors lot at the very end where I have permission.. But before the doctor tore the old waterfront house down and built a new couple million dollar home,..there was an old fashioned supper club on this lot. The “old timers” spoke of my street being lined with cars on both sides all the way on out to U.S.1 and beyond on a Saturday night.

The good old days when adults would go out and socialize with their friends and have a nice dinner. And NOBODY would get so CRAP-FACED DRUNK to RUIN IT FOR ALL THE RESPONSIBLE SOCIAL DRINKERS WHO KNEW THEIR LIMIT AND STILL HAD A WONDERFUL TIME OUT WITH THE MRS.

So English “Coppers” lost from a group of English tourists that sat down outside to enjoy the Florida night air??? This is three English Coppers now that I have found at this site. And better yet...on the next lot over for parking back in the day... some lady on a Saturday night caught her wrist on the car and lost her heavy 14 KARAT GOLD ITALIAN BRACELET! Guess who found that???


Active member
Congrates i really would love to try one but no funds please let us know how you do.


New member
Great!!! I've had mine for 5 days, it's driving me NUTS!!! But its a beast and WELL worth the challenge in learning how to operate it! I like it sooo much I'm pressing my nose to the window, waiting for FedEx to bring me its little brother, the Simplex! Arriving tomorrow along with a Nokta Pulsedive pinpointer. Yesterday I found a .32 cal. Remmington bullet at 9in. I'm hooked. Have a great Holiday!