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Kruzer low headphone volume


The volume on my Kruzer wireless headphones is very low and muffled sounding even when on 10 volume setting any ideas ?


Well-known member
sanjuro said:
The volume on my Kruzer wireless headphones is very low and muffled sounding even when on 10 volume setting any ideas ?
There are some differences between detector circuitry design just as there are differences between corded headphones. Then you need to factor in the operator's hearing abilities and/or limitations. Here are some examples:

Using the Nokta-Makro 2.4 Gig. wireless headphones, and I have had three or four different versions of them, I noted that the Impact seems just slightly more 'muffled' or lower volume than did the Racer 2 or Multi-Kruzer. The Anfibio, however, to me, sounds less muffled and a bit louder and a cleaner audio .... for my hearing.

Aside from different model circuitry designs, I own and use 3 different brands of corded headphones. White's Pro Star w/50 ohm speakers, Killer B 'Hornet' w/150 ohm speakers, and my Uniprobe headphones w/PInpointer. I have a few detecting buddies, such as Oregon Gregg, who can't stand the louder and brilliant-sounding audio of the Killer B's and he prefers White's Pro Stars with all of his detectors. They work well for him and his hearing and the detector models he uses. But for me it is different. We were hunting an old CCC and then Japanese Internment Camp and I was wearing my 50 ohm Pro Star headphones and used my XLT, and all was well. Then I unplugged and switched to my FORS CoRe for a while in a trashier area, and all sounded fine. Then I wanted to use the 7" Concentric that was attached to my Impact so I unplugged and switched to that model.

I didn't get twenty feet away and was sweeping over some targets I had just listened to and I had difficulty hearing them compared to the other two models I just used. I always run every detector at full volume, if it has that adjustment, and my headphones are also adjusted wide-open. When I heard the audio responses I remembered right away that I forgot to switch headphones. So I swapped the Pro Stars for the Killer B 'Hornet' set and all was well as I had improved hearability.

Most people I associate with know I am a bit hearing impaired since I ask 'Huh' often or just don't hear some things they say clearly. The US military told me back in '82 thru '87 that I was deaf each year when I had my hearing exam for veteran summer hire work at Hill AFB. I was told that by civilian hearing examiners, and in 2010 when Worker Comp folks had me treated after an on-the-job injury that ruptured my right ear drum. I should be wearing hearing aides but need them mainly for certain frequency pitches as that's where I have random hearing issues.

I have several friends using Racer 2's, Kruzer's, Impact's and one using an Anfibio and they all use and enjoy the Nokta-Makro wireless headphones.

So what you are hearing might be due to the 32 ohm speakers used in the wireless headphones, or a combination of the headphones and the detector design, but if you've adjusted for full volume and have some concerns, it just might be possible that you're hearing isn't a good as you might like it to be. I know that's my problem, and I hear the Anfibio better with my higher-impedance corded headphones, but as soon as our rain lets up in a few days I'll mainly use the wireless with the Anfibio simply because they work well enough and are comfortable. Give it a few weeks when wintry temps creep in and I'll be relying on the tank-style ear cups on all my corded headphones to keep my ears from getting too cld.

Just some thoughts,



Thank you for your detailed reply Monte but i my friends Kruzer headphones are much louder than mine he can use them on level 4 i can hardly hear mine at that level i think my pair is faulty.


I owned a kruzer not the multi, for about 5 minutes, the sound I had on that unit with the stock wireless headphones setup was very dull and as you explained, so were they all like this, do you and I only hear like this or were our units or headphones only like this?, who knows. I have run most nokta/makro models with the wireless headphones and all the others were of exceptional sound and quality. For me the kruzer was not what I thought it could have been, but others have had great success and they are no doubt a quality machine. I have a lot of confidence in the nokta/makro brand and the Impact was one of my all time favourite machines, but the weight and grip was just a tad too uncomfortable for me, now the Anfibio comes along and this is what I thought the Kruzer should/could have been, I'm working on getting one.


Active member
I also find the volume low and a muffled sound with the factory wireless headphones for the MMK. So, I do not use them. Instead, I have come up with a solution that works for me. I use the Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System PN: 1627100 and the Pro-Pointer® AT Z-LYNK. For headphones I use the XP DEUS FX-02 Foldable Wired Backphone with Volume Adjustment. They are only around 25 bucks and the sound is crisp. Even with the Z-Lynk turned all the way to max and the headphones turned up to max, the volume could be a little louder but still is at an acceptable level and yes, I do have some hearing loss but do not wear hearing aids. The Deus headphones have a 1/8" plug so if used with the Z-Lynk, you will need a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter but that works perfectly. You can use any headphones you prefer with the Z-Lynk. I am really loving this setup.