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Last hunt for this year at a massive park.


I went down to my brother in southern part of Sweden 2 weeks ago where we have access to massive city parks and beaches.
Was lucky to have OK weather and actually had some sun.We hunted for hours,you know when you finding much its hard stop.But its good to take a break once in while to rest your body.

We worked the end of the park and we found a spot that gave some really good coins and rings.The ground was very trashy,with bottle caps and a lot of filling from the city,that made it exacting because we had some
really old finds as well.So it was a mixture of both new and old finds.Such a great place to be at.My brother had two fat 950 silver rings with arabic inscriptions...great signal..

When it get dark we use the head lamp.Stayed out very late and where hunting close to a walking path when 2 junkies came up.One had a knife in the hand and I can tell you that I had a fast grip
on my spade.I could see how the guy with the knife pushed up the knife in the sleeve and they asked what we was doing.

It felt most unpleasant,the whole situation was unreal and I was prepared to fight:starwars:.But the junkies just asked how deep does that machine go? And the usual questions.
They went on, I think we where to big of a target,with to big spades..:clap:

We searched on for some hours and went back home with a good catch and some shaking experience.

I had a total of 18 silver,one silver ring and a piece of a bracelet.Modern coins of more then 25$ in cash paid the dinner at the Thai resturant.Some older copper/bronze coins.

Looking forward to spring:wiggle:

Great hunting to you all.



New member
Great finds. It's always interesting to see what's found in other countries.
Really scary when some junkie comes at you with a knife. Night is when all the animals come out.
I always carry my 2 friends with me - Smith & Wesson 9mm.
I'd be really interested in what you find on the beaches in Sweden.


New member
That sure sounds like a GREAT day! Lots of targets, hunting into the dark, and an exciting adventure as well! I dont think they have any hand guns in Sweden, but that digger, and even your pinpointer turned on and buzzing to be danged can be a deterrent...A junkie would think it some sort of stun gun.
Thanks for sharing this exciting day!:clapping:

Old Longhair

Crazy Ol' Foole
Staff member
A wonderful way to end a fantastic season Mike! :clapping:

You guys aren't lucky just because you have such old stuff to find, but you actually find bigger stuff too. I never find rings big enough to fit, unlike those that your brother dug.

And night hunting is a hoot too! This time of year not so much, but middle of summer it can be the best time to hunt if the mosquitoes aren't bad enough to carry you off. The backlit display is a grand thing that's hard to truly appreciate unless you've night hunted without it.

Congratulations on a super year!


Thanks guys!

Yes it have been a great a fantastic one really!
I have experienced a lot,and I feel lucky thinking of all the good memories.

Many places have been new to me,and also all the great people Ive meet from all over the world.
One older fellow,an American:usaflag: man at 89 year,still managed to be out all the day long at the Bedford rally and driving well on the wrong
side of the road as they do in England:ukflag:.That gave me hope for many more years of detecting to come.

Being outdoors with friends finding nice bits and having a laugh is an extra bonus life is giving.Be happy and collect them memories.Not only the items you find.:thumbup:

Nop no hand guns in Sweden,no knifes either:angel: But It have become a cooler climate in the last decade,crime wise,with lot more shooting and stabbing.But I like to be positive,most people are nice people.

Detecting in the dark with back lit display is cool.Its so much easier to concentrate on the signal when nothing else disturb you,well if there shouldn't be curios junkies then..:lol:
And at summertime the mosqutioes can be a real pain,yes...

It seems like the arabs like big bling.My brother had found even bigger rings,giving you a signal that just blow your ears out..:yikes:

Well next year will be even better for us here.New ground,new great finds waiting out there for us.
Take care all.


Mark in S.E. IA

New member
WOW, what a way to end the season with 18 silvers. I can only dream of having a 18 silver coin day, lol

Congrat's on a fantastic year....


Active member
:thumbup:great fun!! with a scary moment too.