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Lines in the Sand


Active member
Almost all the beach detecting videos I watch and posts I read, emphasizes filling your holes after digging. However, I watch these same people gouging deep gashes in long horizontal gridding rows, yet never I have I seen them fill them or even mention how horrible they've left the beach.

That type of thing is exactly what gets up some Karen's craw and gets the sport banned. I've always try and leave a place better than I found it. I just wondered what others think, YMMV.


Well-known member
I fill holes and hate to see a few on the beach who don't. There are places where there are ordinances on digging, including banning of metal shovels for use in digging on the beach. I've been to two beaches recently with bans on metal shovels and did not have any problem with digging with a metal "sand sifting scoop". Had one beach patrol truck stop near me and watch while I dug and filled a hole. Not sure if they were watching me or a group on the beach or stopped for some other reason, but did not stop me from doing what I was doing in recovering a target.

You are right about some Karen's potential to harm the sport ... yet if she loses a ring, will be the first to seek out someone with a detector to find it.


Well-known member
ya , dont dig them if ain’t gonna fill them…. The only time I don’t get too crazy about it is if I’m working the water line and the wave action refills it before I get the chance too..however we’ve all seen those 6’ deep 10’ round craters that beach goers leave all the time which pale in comparison to the little holes we dig but it’s the little holes which are more likely to cause injury as they can easily be overlooked…. Why someone would video themselves leaving open holes is beyond me..


Active member
Ya we get a bum rap compared to most trashy beach goers. Who dig man holes, Berry cans, pop their tops and leave anything they are to lazy to take to a trash can. Gridding don’t upset me in the least. We all can be a little Karen about our hunting areas that we want to protect


Well-known member
Im betting, solely on what I’ve seen, that the sloppiness is on the younger generation getting into this sport. Watch teenagers if you see them, walking too fast, carrying a contractors shovel, throwing trash objects aside, they may put the plug back but its not in the same configuration, etc etc. Not all younger ones, but in general. Sadly, I can see metal detectors becoming the new “gun control” enforcement poster.