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Looks like this forum is really dead.


Well-known member
Lots of reads but just a couple reply's. No wonder nobody wants to bother writing story's any more.


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Yep ,this country is going through a state of depression due to this socialism government we are under! Beetle Brain Biden is giving millions to many countries for climate change and yet we are paying outrageous prices just to live on!! Biden has throw all common sense out the window and the American tax-payer is paying for it.:mad:


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Royal, I haven't read yours because I'm not usually on here for more than a few minutes and your post are long, probably great but long. Even without replies people are probably enjoying them.
Long are what story's are. I thought posting some would wake up the forum but maybe not. I have over a hundred but few are short. Maybe not a good idea to bother. A dead forum is dead for a reason it seems :D


Staff member
As much as it pains me my friend, I will have to tend to agree... It takes work to write a good story.a 'well done', or 'great story'

goes a long way.. These days it seems as though even those token compliments are too much to type

Calm seas



Well-known member
I've read a few of your story's Mr Royal ,, some were long ,, but I thought they all were enjoyable ,, interesting ,, and well written .
95% of my viewing of this forum is on my phone ,, and before long ,, because of my eyes ,, the words start bleeding together .
I can understand this forum may not be like it was back when you were more active on here ,, but don't think your storys aren't appreciated ,, because they are . When I read storys like yours ,, it reminds me of how much of a storywriter ,, I'm not .


Well-known member
I have to weed thru nearly 90 percent "views" posts on the first pages, to be able to read actual metal detecting discussions. A metal detecting site shouldn't be like that, and lots of sites have a no politics policy.
I don't have that problem.
Click top left. Click on forums.
You'll get a long list of metal detecting posts.
Highlighted if there's new post.
Clicking top left and Just clicking on new post's will bring up the most recent postings. Which most are views forum. And items for sale.