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Mojave & Pantera, starting to be two favorites.

Old California

New member
Acquired a Tesoro Pantera from UK last year, good operating unit love the notch and two tone feature. Prior to the Pantera, Was using the Modified Mojave for coin and jewelry hunting. The Mojave has a manual GB, and extra discrimination pot used for jewelry hunting.

Found my self using both, but constantly swapping same coils from one to the other. As light as Tesoro's are, why not use one coil for both. Made a simple coil switch box out of a FisherScope Freq box, ripped the freq guts out and put together a neat coil switch box which clips on.

What's really neat, Can be used with other Tesoro's using same type coil plug. No special connections between the two, just a simple connection of two coil plugs from the switch box with a switch selecting front or rear mount Tesoro.

I'm liking the white spider coil or 7" Mojave coil for this setup, out in open areas the white spider coil is great and tot lots or trashy areas 7" Mojave coil is perfect.

Also, Many thanks to Mike Hills and Dan-Pa. From previous Pantera post of theirs, I used this information to advance the notch trimmer pot inside to widen the notch feature. And a big Thank you to Monte, For sharing his experiences with both Pantera and Golden Sabre II.

Enclosing several pictures, note the quick pile of coins these two units scored three past few weeks. Hardly no zinc pennies, for coin shooting these two are terrific.

Thanks for looking,
Thats an awesome idea Paul!
Love my Golden Sabre2
Really like the notch/ tone break for certain applications
Hopefully Tesoro will brink back the Golden series


Active member
I could NEVER understand why modern day Tesoros don't have the two tone splitter. My Royal Sabre has it- which is why I don't give a flip whether they wake up or not. I just don't get these people!

Old California

New member
That's for sure Electricfrontporch, notch and tone break are priceless features.

Went out again this late afternoon, amazing how notch works so well. Been working the 7" Mojave coil lately, starting to feel this may be the only coil I use going forward. Both Mojave and Pantera are 12 kHz, that may be why the Pantera does so well with the 7" Mojave coil.

Thanks and good hunting with your Golden Sabre II,

Old California

New member
True slingshot,

Would be nice having one of the latest versions having a 2 or 3 tone feature, coupled with notch even better.

Was going over a list of 2 or more tone Tesoro's Monte had posted years ago, your Royal Sabre was on the list. It's opened my eyes, nows the time for those not having one to search the classifies and find one before they disappear.

Have a King Cobra, Although its 2-tone with notch it's not near as deep as the Pantera.

Good luck with the Royal Sabre,


Active member
I love the two tone feature so much that when I opted to try the notch feature on my old Royal Sabre a few weeks ago, the discriminate knob was frozen solid on it's lowest setting! I couldn't budge it! Soaking in WD 40!:surrender:


Active member
Yep Always wanted to try the Pantera as Hombre has one and raves about it. Also think the Big Cat decals are cool looking, Ha! Had a chance at a clean one but Guy could not decide to Sell it or not. So I went ahead and Got a New Tone Golden instead as love Tone I.D. Tesoro should make Some more Tone I.D. Detectors. I don't mind not having a display as long as I have Some type of Tone I.D. and Modulated audio.
To Me it's fun to Hunt without a display.
The Pantera has long been on my want list... but not sure how much I would gain over the Golden micromax I already own. But a new Tesoro model with manual GB and adjustable tone break, and some decent depth like the Vaquero... well I think that detector would sell like hot cakes. All that capability has been designed and offered by Tesoro before, so I don’t understand why they don’t go ahead with it.