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Musketeer Advantage Ultimate 13 Beach Master


The trusty Musketeer Advantage has long been one of my favourite machines, for dry sand beach work. It is very forgiving of sweep speed and hits hard on good targets and spits its disapproval at anything suspect. I have the 800 and 1000 as well at the 15' WOT. But with White's Tdi machines getting my attention, I had not used the Musky for a while. The purchase of the 13' Ultimate coil has made me fall in love all over again. The super light weight of this coil and it's good ground coverage makes it a winner on the Musketeer. It handles better than the WOT and balances nicely. My Tdi machines go deep, which slows me down, a lot of digging. The Ultimate is well made, allows 80% gain in EMI areas and 100% gain if EMI isn't present. Pushing the power and no chatter or instability, just loving it...
The beach is about sweep speed and ground coverage first, depth is a bonus. This rig ticks all the boxes, fast coverage of large areas, no meters etc to slow me down, let the audio and ears connected to the brain work out what to dig.. It is excellent on the dry sand and can be set up for the wet, but that is where my Tdi comes in. Large expanses of sand, park or sporting fields is its speciality..
I always do a quick air test when using new coils and this setup is deep enough. I'm in Melbourne Australia and our beaches are going to get hit hard this summer. 2.5 cm equals an inch.
US Buffalo coin was 35cm
1/2 Sovereign was 40cm
Penny came in at 40cm
1 oz silver ingot was 45cm
US Quarter 40cm
0.5 gram gold coin 30cm
I grain gold ingot 4cm and only detectable in the centre of the coil.

Likes a moderate to fast sweep, hits hard, goes deep, balances very nicely and is very light weight. It had injected new life into the Musky. This set up balances so well that it feels as if the Ultimate 13 is floating in the air. Again the balance of the rig makes the weight matter much less. I was concerned about buyer remorse but now that I have some time using it I am very happy.
All the best, Karelian


The Musketeer required a few changes to make it my ideal. Rubber boots to cover the switches, moved to the back for balance, a DIY stand to keep it out of the sand. Better handle and comfy arm rest. Once you have made it your own, it seems to work better.. Karelian


Well-known member
Looks great, the Musky was a detector I liked a lot. Had few too many of them.


Well-known member
When I had the Musky Advantage, I was impressed at how well the machine worked in iron. That nice smooth tone in the iron was unmistakable and knew I was digging something worthwhile.