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Ordered my 3rd Apex, Now hoping for the right smaller-size coil for it.


Well-known member

I ordered my 3rd Garrett Apex yesterday and have a "fill-in" smaller coil while I wait --- hoping ---

I am really liking the Apex the more I use it or evaluate it against other makes and models I have, or have-had, around. Om my main-use Apex I keep the 5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil mounted as it is just about as perfect as you can get for a versatile, general-purpose search coil / detector combination. My 2nd Apex I grab for working a freshwater beach, wide-open grassy park with minimal trash, or a plowed field, range-land, etc. It keeps the 8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil mounted full-time, and I have had good side-by-side comparison results with several popular models and their larger-size standard coils.

But quite often I hunt very dense debris locations, or many with a lot of choking-condition brush, weeds, branches, sagebrush, or they are very rocky or have a lot of debris and building rubble to work in and around. For those tasks, since 1969, I have relied on smaller-size search coils, mostly in the 4½" to 6" diameter. Even as great as the 'Ripper' coil is, the smaller-size coils can still 'fit' better into he very tight and confined areas better. I have been hoping to see a smaller coil from Garrett for the Apex, specifically their 4½" Concentric coil. I have used it before on other Garrett models with very good success, and checked it out on an AT MAX I borrowed.

I've used DD coils since 1971, but during that span of time I have also used a lot of Concentric coils and I like certain aspects that are in their favor over a DD type coil. I would really like a smaller round Concentric coil, but wonder if the Multi-Flex technology and selectable Single Frequency design prevents them from engineering a good Concentric coil in that smaller-size. ???? i will hold out hope they can accomplish making such a small-size Concentric coil, but in the mean-time I do have the new NEL 5" DD 'Sharp' coil I will be mounting on Apex #3, although it is a thicker and heavier coil compared with Garrett's 'Ripper' DD.

So far, I have been satisfied with it's performance in Multi-Frequency as well as the selectable Single Frequencies. The real test for this, or any aftermarket coil, is how they will handle a very challenging wet-salt environment. It looks like I might be making a family trip out-of-state about February 6th, at which time I will test the 5" NEL, and all other coils, in a very tough, highly salty environment. Both wet alkaline desert areas, and an even tougher wet-salt challenge. I'll be working in the 'MS' or Multi-Salt 'mode' to make sure all the coils I own and use can handle such conditions. I'm curious if the NEL 5" 'Sharp' coil will handle that condition.

What my likes and dislikes in coil size, type and design are, left me wondering about other's coil preferences. ????? How many are using the 4½" Concentric on any of their Garrett models? Where do you prefer to use that small coil, and what are your general impressions about it? And finally, how many would be interested in a 4½" Concentric coil, IF Garrett is able to make one work on the Apex model?



Well-known member
Looks like your All-In for the Apex Monte. Has any of your other machines been squeezed off the Island or regulated way to the rear of your line up ?


Well-known member
Looks like your All-In for the Apex Monte. Has any of your other machines been squeezed off the Island or regulated way to the rear of your line up ?
Crappy health and limited mobility has been hampering me for quite some time, and I'm on the mend now from 4 weeks and 5 days, and the doctor isn't sure how much of my strength and mobility I'll get back. But all this has lead me to the point i needed to trim my detector outfit to models that I really like, a lot, and part with models I just won't or can't use any more. Yes, I definitely DO like the new Apex. I have worked it against / along-side a number of other makes and models and the Apex worked quite well for me. I also like the very functional coil sizes and their very light weight design, too.

Since late '71 and into '72 I have maintained a detector 'outfit' of at least 2, and often 4 or 5, detectors that I liked a lot and worked well for me. I also started keeping certain search coils assigned to preferred detector models for different applications. That way I simply grab the detector & coil I want to use at a site, and if I want to use something else, it is there, ready to grab-and-go. No more changing search coils around, just go prepared.

The Apex fits all the wants and needs I have, for the most part, and I will now be ready-to-go with these three Apex devices:

Main Use: Apex #1 w/5X8 DD 'Ripper' coil mounted.
Open-Area Conditions: Apex #2 w/8½X11 DD 'Raider' coil ready-to-grab.
Tight, confined space coil: Apex #3 w/NEL 5" 'Sharp' DD that will 'fit' in and around thick brush, rocks, building rubble, etc.

Staying in my Regular-Use Detector Team, at least for a while, are my:

• Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric
• Silver Sabre µMAX w/6" Concentric
• Fisher F5 w/7" Concentric
• Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD
• Simplex + w/5X9½ DD
• XLT w/6½" Concentric

Everything else has been sold or is currently listed for sale. One or two gently used and the rest are brand new and never taken out the door to see dirt or grass.




Active member
That's it. Just trimmed mine to 21.(y)