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Please help me decide

Joe Black

Howdy. I got into this hobby 10 or so years ago and purchased a Whites DFX. Read most of the books and tried to learn the thing but was still a steep learning curve and I didnt find it to be very user friendly, especially for a complete novice. Used it a handfull of times mostly with the same result, toss it aside due to frustration and the feeling that I just didnt have it set right or something and got tired of messing with it.

Its time to try again with something new/different and looking for opinions or advice on a new detector. Looking at the MXT All Pro, it looks to be a much simpler machine vs. the DFX, and the 4x6 shooter and bigfoot coils I have will work on it. Also interested in the Equinox 800 and the Anfibio Multi. Will be mostly coin and jewelry hunting and may occasionally go to the beach with it. Any advice, opinions or a point in the right direction is much appreciated.
The Equinox would serve you well ,especially if you plan on hunting saltwater beaches.The multi frequency will allow that. It performs well for silver coin hunting too. Waterproof & so much lighter making easier to swing which,allows longer hunting time. It really depends on your budget. For the money the New Simplex & Vanquish are good machines These detectors are very simple too use(user friendly).
If you were going to stay with Whites there are only two machines that I would consider in the line up mxt all pro with 6x8 sef coil and Mx7 with DD coils.I have the mx sport didnt like the tones at first was getting ready to sell then pop an 1861 seated dime in iron how can I sell it now.Between thaugh found a 1900 barber dime and 1908 indian. 5x10 dd coil.I have more time on the mxt than any machine and its hard to beat the machine coil combo mentioned. Still new to the MX sport not difficult to wade programs but the audio begs to be learned and takes time but offers more info than the mxt great depth.I have ten machines and EQ800 on the way not ready to sell any just yet, just my opinion,,,,,CEDAR P.S. The list Excal 1000, EQ800, Tesoro S.T. mxt A.P, MX Sport, T2 C., G2+, CF77, Cscope 6mx, Cscope 4pi, Symplex +,,,,,by the way found my first three cent piece no date with the G2+ last week.

Mike Hillis

Active member
Take a look at the Fisher F75+ and the IMPACT.