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Proud owner of DeepTech Vista metal detectors!


I own all the latest all-singing all-dancing metal detectors. Yet hand on heart, I can honestly say DeepTech Vista metal detectors have outstanding performance which matches and, in some cases, surpasses the performance of my expensive all-singing all-dancing machines! The higher frequency DeepTech machines are incredible amongst iron infested areas. They have a unique way of latching onto a good signal next to iron, that you wouldn’t even believe there was even any iron present, if it wasn’t for the iron audio confirming the ferrous signal right next to the non-ferrous find.

In total, I own 7 DeepTech metal detectors, each offering a different search frequency for particular situations. I’ve read lots of posts on various forums from people comparing DeepTech machines to Tesoro. In the past I’ve owned all the top Tesoro models, including the Tejon. In fact, over the years, I’ve owned a few Tesoro Tejon. The DeepTech Vista X is comparable to the Tejon, but the vista X has far superior audio and target acquisition capabilities.

I reside in the UK and mainly search farmland. So, my discrimination requirements are only in the ferrous range. In my years of experience metal detecting, audio always trumps a meter every time. Iffy signals are always worth investigating, as the soil matrix or iron nearby can totally alter a signal. Which if you were using a meter detector would be indicated by jumpy numbers. I myself, don’t like to play Bingo and rely on the audio signal above everything else to make the dig or don’t dig decision. Even on my top end detectors with state-of-the-art meters!

In my opinion, DeepTech Vista metal detectors typify what metal detecting is all about. Which is being confident in your machines capabilities to find good targets, even in heavily iron infested areas. DeepTech machines don’t confess to being one-man bands weighed down with lots of extra bells and whistles you don’t really need. The controls on DeepTech Vista metal detectors, put the detectorist in charge not some fancy program. Which equates to a better understanding of how to fine tune your DeepTech machine for different search conditions.

I’ve wrote this post because I honestly believe DeepTech Vista metal detectors deserve much better recognition in the detecting community. DeepTech Vista machines not only offer exceptional value for money, they also give outstanding detecting performance comparable to machines costing twice the price. A bold claim I hear you say? Well, I own lots of top end machines and have run them head-to-head against the various DeepTech Vista models I own. So, I feel somewhat confident in my statement. DeepTech Vista metal detectors don’t need fancy meters or gizmos, they excel at finding non-ferrous targets, especially in iron infested areas full stop! This why I am proud to own DeepTech metal detectors. Thank you reading my post.


Well-known member
Excellent detectors! If you don't need all the bells and whistles of a computer screen ID machine, then spring for a DeepTech. You can concentrate on detecting vs. playing with menus and settings....all day long.