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Question on the safari and depth


I have both machines and I really can't tell a difference between the two when it comes to depth. Both are great machines.


Active member
Yes the Safari is the same i detect with a guy that jad a E trac and there is no difference.


New member
I've been using the Safari for years I've dug things very deep it is a deep machine etrac cant say dont have that but friend does and seems the same just other features


Active member
Many times I have been amazed at the depth which a Safari will reach. If you swing low and slow, it'll tell you what's hiding down there!! You have to go low (coil just clearing the ground and slow because what many people say about the slower (than the ETrac) processor is supposedly a tad slower thus needing more time to process a deep target.:thumbup:
P.s. I've never had an ETrac so I can't give an accurate comparison!


Active member
John 71 said:
I'm using a 8 inch concentric coil. I have been going a dime at 8 inches. Is about right?
Depending on soil conditions and trash amounts with that coil, that's about right. I've had silver dimes at 10 inches when conditions are good. A fun thing to do if you want to pick out deep silver quarters and dimes is to notch out everything except 38 and 39 with 18+sensitivity. You can pick those deep ones out if you go low and slow in A.M.
I'm usually running in A.M. nothing notched out looking for anything gold, rings and jewelry primarily, while picking up the silver coins and jewelry as well.
One thing, pay more attention to tone than the actual ID. I have dug many silvers that had a lower than silver ID but the tone was really sweet. The ID will be dragged down when the target is masked by another target but the tone will give it away.


Active member
I can't agree more trashfinder also depth will change id dramatically so tone is always my first clue! Happy hunting


Well-known member
It's great to read so many positive reviews and posts on the Safari. I bought a nice used Safari a short time ago and really like it. I have been plagued with some major projects around the house and unfortunately I haven't had a chance to put much time on it. I am a relic Hunter from Georgia and our hunting season sometimes has a small window due to deer season and our high temps coupled with humidity. I too swing the detector low and slow and I have found the Safari to be a deep reader. I have dug Minnie' Balls really deep with the Safari. I really like this detector. Looking forward to getting out with it once it cools off a bit. While we are talking about the Safari, what is the best small coil for the Safari according to the more experienced users? Happy Hunting all, and he careful for those No Shoulders and tic's.

chuck ky

Active member
I've never experienced that on a detector with meter and tone I.D. I've used CZ-5, T-2 and Sovereign and never found a silver with a medium !enter I.D. That would give a high tone.


Active member
Awesome John i never used a concetric coil on a Minelab must be sweet.