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Recent trip to Hawaii with new Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II


I have been a member of this website for several years and this is my first post about my experiences detecting so here I go. I went to Hawaii in December for a week and I stayed at a hotel on Waikiki Beach. I had a wonderful time and for the very first time I did some water detecting. I had been to Hawaii several times in the past a managed to do a lot of detecting on the beach but never in the water. In the past I saw so many people detecting in the water that I decided that I had to do it myself. I purchased a Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II and tried my luck. I managed to find 3 nice rings this time out, two on the beach, one 10k gold mans ring with diamonds and a platinum ring with a blue stone in it and one woman's 14k ring with a diamond in the water. I detected every morning and just about every evening. I found about $30 in change and tons of junk in the dry sand. Detecting the beach with my Mine lab 705 was a breeze no problems at all. Detecting in the water was a totally new challenge for me. Everyone that I watched seemed to just glide along the water without any effort. I almost killed myself. First I didn't seat the gaskets on the battery compartment and headphones correctly and I had to clean everything out and start over. Then I didn't have a long handled scoop and I had to dig everything with a small hand scoop. I must have dug a hundred bobby pins and a ton of junk before I found my first gold ring in the water!! I would have to say that my most enjoyable experience was talking to other detectorists on the beach. I met a few very nice people who were really helpful. A gentleman JT, TJ, or something like that and a guy with a Whites Prizm who were very knowledgeable and helpful. I did also run into an older gentleman who was a jerk zipping around and seemed to be disturbing people on the beach by getting into their personal space, I guess that there is one in every group!! I will be moving to Europe later this year and I cant wait to go and hit the beaches in Spain to see what I can find! I was stationed in Germany for a spell in the 80s and 90s and had previously found about 50 gold rings on the tourist beaches in Spain over the course of about 8 years. I am now hooked on water detecting!!!


New member
Beauties those are. Congrats .


Active member
Nice..Very nice...All i need is a pic of that beach and I'd probably want to move there!!!.


New member
Ahgh! You're killin' me!!!! I'm saving up for a Sea Hunter right now myself.

Nice finds.


This was my 5th or 6th trip to Hawaii. I usually just hunt on the beach and in all the times that I had gone detecting its the first time that I found any gold. The beaches and water always seemed to have a few people detecting on them. It was very busy! I probably spent about 20 hours detecting the week that I was there. I did find enough change to keep the fridge full of beer! I don't know if I will ever get back there for a while! Thanks for all of your comments! As for the rings, I think I will keep them. The last time I sold my rings gold was $400 and oz.


New member

I don't know about that, i just got skunked today. But, maybe cause i'm using my brand new Dual Field that i've never used before. It's been getting progressively harder now that more people are doing this hobby. When i first started 15 years ago out here in hawaii, i could find 4 -5 rings, worked out to 1 ring an hour. Now there are a ton of people water and sand hunting.



I didn't find any gold until my 5th or 6th trip to Hawaii. I sure learned a lot from talking to people that I met on the beach about the best place to detect and there seemed to be a lot of people detecting the beach and in the water. I met some really nice people who were happy to help me. One thing that everyone was saying was that they all had their favorite spots to hunt. While everyone liked Waikiki, they also stated that they liked to search the different beaches that only the locals went to! Everyone stated that they had their favorite resort to hunt or some place that was reachable only by those who had a car. I spoke with one guy who had a hand held detector that hunted mostly in Hanaumah Bay which is off limits to detectorists. A few people that I met seemed to be very territorial and didn't want to share the beach which I believe belongs to everyone no matter if you are a local or a haole. If someone spends all that money to visit the island I hope that they have an opportunity to detect to their hearts content!!


Active member
Hi gmccool, The best thing about Water Hunting is you dont 1/2 too ask permision??? Thats why I started 3 years ago, A lot of privet propety anymore????
I started Detecting in 1988, Good Luck to you gmc, On Whites main forum check out my Silver Hart i found with my XL-Pro on the turff, Mickfin ,