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Reconnecting with a long lost friend.

Ok, to start off, this is my first post on the site, give me a second and I think you'll understand.

So 20 years ago I had gotten into this hobbie, and was really having a good time. Enough so that I had spent the $ on a explorer XS, and the Sunray X-1 probe.
Then 9-11 happened, at the time I was a United mechanic in Oakland. Then a divorce, and a relocation for work, & the hobby went on the back burner till last fall.
Well, my oldest sent a text yesterday. He was over helping his mother move some things and ran across my old metal detecting stuff, did I still want it?


Well I bought an Equinox 800 last Fall, and was looking for a second detector as a backup/ loaner...
So, a fresh battery, and I think we'll be in business. If she still runs well (can't see why not, stored without battery, dry and clean for almost 18 years) she might get a makeover, I was never a fan of the rectangular tubes, and if I remember, she wasn't what I'd call a lightweight. Have seen a couple photos online of one running carbon fiber tubing.

Anyhow, no one else I know understands why I'm a tad excited, so...

Here I am!

Jr will being it over this weekend.
I will probably do just that, replace the battery and go. At least through this season.
Looks like I have the original li-po. Betting the charger has walked off long ago. I see I can pick up new cells for that...
Anyone ordered that 3d printed battery holder for 18650 batteries? The one from Kiev? I've run those batteries for several years in a myriad of things.


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Curly...firstly, AWESOME! Sorry, but knowing what I know, if I was your kid...I would’ve stolen it.:lol: Since he didn’t...your original battery will be a NiCad or NiMh?? The updated ones like the RNB will be LIPO. I too am interested in the 3 cell holder, so we’ll see how that shakes out down the road.
Welcome, and nice background on how you’re at where you’re at! Coin hunting(older coins) has gotten a bit more challenging in 20 years since there have been thousands of detectorists out there finding them, but they do still exist. In my(and quite a few other’s) mind, the Explorer is absolutely relevant in the conversation, just as it was a game changer when it came out. Heavy? Somewhat. ”Slow”? It’s all relative. Some love it, some left it. Do what you see fit and what works for YOU. The Equinox is a nice machine, between the two you should be solidly set up for quite awhile, although the machines are ages apart.
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The name...

I ordered a block of curly maple, 4"x6"x20" and lost my PayPal account. Suspended indefinitely...
The receipt for the wood read "for gunstock".

So paypal tossed my account because I was building a gun... a reproduction of a 1780s dueling pistol. (Fascinated how they made everything by hand. All pinned, no screws)

I have the original NiMh battery. Once the boy gets it over here, I'll see if I can get it to take enough of a charge to boot the machine. Can't imagine there will be an issue, only have maybe 100 hrs on it, and it was stored in about the best conditions I could ask for.

While the tones are not the same, it is what initially pointed me to the Nox. Watching YT, seems like detector noises today are not meant to be pleasant.
I remembered the explorer playin' me a little tune while hunting. The Nox does kinda the same in 50 tone.

I don't think the speed will be too much of an issue, I tend to be one of those hunters that doesn't get a lot of ground covered (am a low recovery speed nox guy). Am really anxious to get my hands on that X1 probe again.
Given the low hours on the XS, I'm a little hesitant to do major surgery, kinda a shame to pull her out after 18 years and strip her of all the factory parts that are in great shape (still has the coil stand on). On the other hand... something like this does hit the right buttons for me as well.
Alright, had to drive down to the kids place to get it, he had a work issue. Picked up the explorer, the X-1 (sn 549),
battery is charging, we'll see if it will take enough to fire the girl up... also a set of Timberwolf headset I had forgot about, and the ol' whites coinmaster 5500D.
She looks great! Battery is toast, but everything is as it should be!

Very pleased.

Even the coinmaster cleaned up well... guess I'll have to toss some c cells in it and see if it still beeps.
You take good care of your gear dude! Good guess on the name right. I used a 6000 di pro for a while back in the day LOL
HH Jeff

Well, I would have to credit the ex for this one. Put in the attic and undisturbed for probably 18 years. Put new batteries in the whites, sure enough, fired right up.
Will get some nimh replacement cells ordered tomorrow, might get to take it out next weekend if they get shipped early enough.
Guess I had become a little spoiled with shipping times. Seems things that used to be 2 days now take 10 to 14. Well, I ordered the replacement cell pack, hard to beat 2000mh for 25$. Hopefully it'll be here before July. Had to call on something else I ordered this morning. Tracking just stopped on that one last week.
Ya know, in 1969 the Hong Kong flu swept the world, 100k Americans died. Barely a blip in the news. No one wore masks, or stayed home praying for a vaccine.

We went to Woodstock.

Time for life to start again.
You take good care of your gear dude! Good guess on the name right. I used a 6000 di pro for a while back in the day LOL
HH Jeff
Also my ex husband had a Whites 6000-D & I used it, too! We only bought Whites for the reason that the CEO of our detecting club was Roy Volker with Whites of Sweet Home Oregon & sold Whites & he treasured hunted in the ocean off Florida's Gold Coast; therefore, the members often bought & used their treasure detecting products! There were good ones & bad ones just like all products people buy! My last detector purchased during the divorce which was finalized in 1988 was a Whites XLT Spectrum & I really liked it & used it until 2006 when my very ill brother came to live with me & I also had become too ill myself to go detecting like I did when we first joined The whites Metal Detecting Club in 1981 in St. Louis, MO! It began in 1980 & Bill Gander was the club's president at that time in case anyone knows them both! Really enjoyed both the club members & hunting with them! Could tell you lots of stories about our trips & monthly club & special hunts but I tend to be a long-winded writer! I gave mine to my son in 2017 before I had an auction & sold most of my things & also a few older detectors & detecting MISC! ! God Bless to find some good coins & relics! Ma Betty
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new battery charged and in, across the street to the neighborhood park... holy crap! thats more noises than the first time i took the Nox out in 50 tone. busy doesn't begin to cover the audio... now this is a development park, about 20 years old, i watched it being put in when my kids were small... its a can fetti zone, total sensory overload. brought her home after a half hour or so. she worked fine, so its obvious I've got a lot of relearning to do. given my original goals of having a second detector along for friends and family, it may be a better idea to move her along to another home and fill that spot with a vanquish or a nox 600. maybe I am just a little frustrated too, might have expected to much of myself as well, remembering things from 20 years ago etc... probably the best coarse of action is to set back and think a bit, maybe try and find a piece of ground that isn't as obnoxious as the park too.


Staff member
We tend to member things thru rose colored glasses sometimes. In can slaw parks where the mowers are to lazy to pick cans up it is very tough to sort out the sounds, might try slipping down to 5 tones and slowing down your sweep speed to help sort out some finds.
HH Jeff
The Nox and I spent a couple hours across the street looking for low tones. A couple of cheap rings and bling was the reward.

After giving the explorer issue some thought, I think maybe the gain is set to high. Will have to give it another go today. I run the Equinox in field 2 wide open in this park, it's a bit noisy, but not terrible. I was hearing the ground with the explorer. Every swing was just machinegun fire.


Ran across the street for a bit this afternoon. 20200626_201609.jpg literally across the street...
The equinox hit its first silver of the year. Crappy little park that I've worked pretty hard, still puts a surprise out once in a while. Small and thin (real thin) but silver none the less. A little bit of clad as well. Not a bad Saturday afternoon.