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Active member
So if your trying to decide which one you would want I would only tell you you need both....for real the SEAX DIGGER FROM Excalibur shOVELS gives me the feeling of 10x the digging than the Leche style digger Give ME . CUTTING A PLUG that extra 2” and a little wider and the t handle my plugs are as good as my. Shovel. We have hard ground and lots of little rocks so getting in and digging sometimes it’s a challenge this tool has no problems making a plug in anything I’ve tried.butt after the whole is plugged and u want to go down 6” more it’s back to the same old Leche problem with the tip and getting a little dirt out with each little scoop. But because of the length of this little shovel reaching in on the sides and popping them out and going deeper seems effortlessly. But it’s back to your hands are scooping out little bit of dirt.
NOW the RAPTOR from predator tools is something I wanted when I stopped five years just got it .
in hard dirt it can’t dig plugs the tip is big making the first hole hard ,in the park straight down then up then down it would ok .no side cutting.butt and it’s a big but it shines about taking dirt out of the hole 3x more than the SEAX 4x more than Leche style .and digging the sides of the hole using the bend in the blade to leverage against the side makes digging sideways and deep easy as hell and whatever you dig comes out with that scoop. So I’m taking both with me because I think you could use them both and make a nice clean fast hole.if only one the SEAX because of the best plug holes .
FINISH OF THE TWO SEAX wins .dug two hole with Raptor paint coming off a lot .paint on SEAX 50 DIGS NO PAINT CAME OFF .so

I NEED BOTH,don’t think u could break any of the two ..


Active member
I’m gonna put a b&M shifter handle on the raptor the t handle one
or a cue ball..... had a hand grenade on my jeep in high school the police didn’t like or he did and stole it from me but he did take it....


Active member
The sheath for the raptor is very nice heavier than the norm.I made my sheath for the SEAX .had one I made but the seax bounced around more than a whore in church This much nice no dirt in the sheath no bounce added a broom handle wall hanger lowered the belt loop add pin pointer .had room because of the room after turning the handle not to stick out ..