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Simplex optional coils in production

What are the advantages of the Eliptical or round


Well-known member
What are the advantages of the Eliptical or round
What's the difference in weight between the 8.5" coil and the 11" stock coil?
No weight specs at this point

What are the advantages of the Eliptical or round
Coil Shape – Round vs. Elliptical
One of the main differing factors in coils is shape. So how does the shape of a coil change its performance? As a general rule, a round coil has the capability of more depth compared to an equivalently sized elliptical coil. This is due to the transmit winding being physically wider, and the way the electromagnetic field is transmitted into the ground. A round coil handles mineralized ground well, has good depth, and is easy to achieve good coil control when swinging. However, the larger sizes can be difficult to maneuver in heavy vegetation, and give a reduced signal response to smaller shallow targets. The main appeal of a round coil is that they will always achieve better depth than an equivalent sized elliptical coil, assuming they have identical electronic properties.

However, elliptical coils come with their own advantages, mainly very good sensitivity, a sharper (less broad) signal to deeply buried targets, and better ground coverage at depth. All these benefits are the reasons why elliptical coils are often the preferred choice when it comes to patch hunting. An elliptical coil is also better in thick scrub, and will give a great signal response on smaller targets, being especially sensitive at the toe and heel of the coil. However, this can work against you at times as it also gives an increased response to hot rocks and mineralized pockets. As always, it is all about compromises.


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QUOTE="Frank in NH": Will there be a 5'' round coming or no need for one?

I can guarantee there is a NEED for a smaller-size coil, such as a 5" DD, because I devote 95% of my hunt-time to working ghost towns, homesteads, ol railroad and stage depots and sops, pioneer and military encampments and forts, and all sorts of places that have an abundance of Iron Nails, cut iron wire like fencing, and other discarded ferrous and non-ferrous debris. Places where a ±5" diameter coil is a must-have.

WILL THERE BE ONE? That's a different question and while we do not know the answer, since it is up to the good folks at Nokta / Makro to satisfy their customers, it is up to use as end-users to voice our request to have such a smaller-size coil. So .... Please give me a 5" DD for challenging conditions! Now, voice your wishes so they'll be heard.