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So I'm wondering, I'm still getting a grip on this nox 600 detector... Is there a benefit using


Well-known member
Park1-multi is weighted towards lower frequencies. For me, I always hunt in Park1 - Multi unless there are mitigating factors such as emi. I may then try F2- Multi or Park1 - 15khz.
Park1 for me hits the hardest and deepest on high conductors and out of all other modes the best and most clear audio report. Even with mid-conductors it does quite well.

Park2-multi is weighted towards higher frequencies. For me, Park2-Multi or single frequency is useless. The first year I owned the Equinox, I performed many many tests on real world, unknown targets. My results? Park2 always struggled on identifying targets and had weaker if you will, “wishy washy” TID on items that weren’t even deep in the ground. I’m talking 3-4” and audio wise, (in 50 tones) reported “lower” high tones then park1- Multi would report.

For me I stick with Park1-Multi, leave GB at 0, F2iron bias-0, recovery speed 4, 50 tones, and now that I truly am understanding the equinox much more, I keep my sensitivity maxed out at 25. I also scan very slow.

My advice: as you gain more experience, increase the sensitivity as high as possible. I mainly used a setting of 23 ever since it was released. Now? I use 25. Amazing things will start happening when you use high sensitivity but don’t rush getting there. Listen extremely close and learn what that machine is telling you.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Active member
Yep diff freqs. Park 1 is best for coins, if emi try field 2. Settings posted above are ideal, only thing i do different is ground tracking enabled.
When yer out and hit a deep target that is coin like do a micro sweep over it, few inches back and forth rapidly over the target. Coins will intensify and vdi will soar. You will be able tell which targets are coin like.

Dirt Duke

Park 1 Multi is my go to mode for most of my detecting. Great for coins and rings. While trying to find a missing gold earring & using the remaining earring to see which mode worked best on the ground (not air test), I found Park 2 to be the best out of all the detector modes for small gold. This is in line with the recommendations in the manual.


Well-known member
park 1 over park 2 or vice versa?? will you get a different vid readout ?

Any help. Mark ( ohio )
If you have not downloaded and read the manual, I would suggest doing that to have an understanding of the different modes.
The Equinox is very versatile and not all that complicated to figure out and use, but can be configured for many different conditions and targets.
Good luck and looking forward to seeing some finds from you!!👍

Mark kus

Well-known member
I've seen guys use the beach mode in the woods one guy found 4 gold coins look at his screen.
So don’t get stuck in one mode thinking it’s the best as this video is very interesting.