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Special Coil Wanted for Gold Bug 2, any techs?

I have a couple buddies that are very successful pocket miners, they are in need of a special coil to attach to the gold bug 2 detecting, actually belt mount the gold bug 2 and use just a hand wand handle with a 2.5-3" round coil attached, so what I need is someone to build and properly tune a 2.5"-3" round coil for the gold bug 2. This will be used to trace veins, chase gold laden veins, etc. They do this now but with the entire detector on shaft with the 6.5" coil, can get clumsy fast in narrow uneven areas, a much smaller coil will free them up a lot to hunt in tighter areas in pits they are mining. I am sure once built these coils would find a ready market for others that do pocket mining and chase veins of quartz for gold, there are plenty of gold bug 2's out there thats for sure. My buddies have checked out a small hand held unit on the market now but its coil is too small, very little depth, no coverage, and no variable sounds for determining size of targets. My friends would be more than willing to test a prototype and give technical results. How about it Dave J.????

Dave J.

New member
Easy enough to want a thing like that, but very difficult to actually do it. (Hard enough to build the stock standard GB2 searchcoils.) To take on the challenge will require a tech/engineer who doesn't already know how tough it's likely to be to get it right. I do know. So sorry, if it happens it won't likely be coming from the factory.

That's no guarantee it won't happen at all. The place where aftermarket accessory manufacturers find their niche, is in making searchcoils that the factory doesn't make or doesn't want to make. The two different kinds of business work on different economic and manufacturing process models and neither is well prepared to do what the other does.

Within the company there are varying viewpoints regarding aftermarket searchcoils. My own personal view is that as long as the aftermarket searchcoils are well made, they help us sell the metal detectors that the aftermarket searchcoil manufacturers don't make, and everyone comes out ahead. What I don't like is bad quality aftermarket searchcoils, which 25 years ago were the rule rather than the exception. Nowadays the discipline of the Internet is fairly efficient at driving bad ones out of the market and encouraging the sale of good ones.

--Dave J.

Hobo lobo

New member
There used to be one available for the original GB (A 3" if I member rite) The original GB was a good detector. Maybee it would work for you with the 3" coil ifin you could find one

Dave J.

New member
I think the smallest factory searchcoil for the original GB was 3 3/4 inches since that's the smallest concentric coplanar we were tooled for. No electrical compatibility with the GB2.

I agree that the original GB was a good detector (you wouldn't expect me to disagree with that, would you?), very good for its time, but the times have changed and by modern standards it would be considered usable but bottom-of-the-line. I regarded the Tesoro Diablo Micromax (intro about 1996) as better than the original GB, and fortunately I have one thanks to a well known gold prospector giving me his personal unit as a gift.

--Dave J.

Hobo lobo

New member
I think the original GB was deeper on a slightly larger nugget than the GB2, didnt remember the correct size of the small coil, just knew it was small and very good for locating small pc's of gold.
Dave J.,

Thanks for your reply, I figured we might have to have someone with the ability and time wrap us one or two coils, I have talked with another tech guy in the past about vlf coils, so I know how hard they are to build and tune, as compared to pulse detector coils. I still think it would be a great specialty tool for the gold bug 2 and would be a great seller with all the gold mining going on now days.

panama rich

New member
Hi MXT Sniper
Have you ever considered the Falcon MD20 metal detector for your purposes? I used one just briefly, I wonder if
it would work for you.
Hi, one of the guys on the claim does use one, but it is limited in depth due to such a small coil at 1" diameter, so not very useful for chasing veins.
Why not dispense with the entire stem? Chest-mount the head and simply freehand the coil with no stem at all. Add the lower stem as a hand-held extender if you wish or you could custom-make any sort of short "handle" to suit your search areas, even a telescoping one might be handy.

I've done this with my Bounty Hunter 4" coil and it works great. No stem on it at all, I just grab the coil itself or by the mounting tabs and wave it in small crevices or wherever. I came up with the idea while searching for coins below a playground jungle gym. It made it much easier to hunt while sitting down and would no doubt help in confined areas.

I own a Falcon and the metal does have to be quite close if it's small. But even large objects don't read much more than 2 inches away, if that. It also tends to false when bumped or in high-sensitivity settings, Even so, I seldom go hunting without it, but it's usefullness for this application is doubtful. I use mine mostly for pinpointing and checking hand specimens.


Hobo lobo

New member
Garrett used to make a 1" nugget hunting coil for their Ground Hog, never used one, so don't know how well it worked.