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TDI Beach !


Now we're getting somewhere !


Active member
I like Whites and i used to use them a lot when dirt hunting. BUT...... there are things im not crazy about here. Its not just Whites ..... even Fisher is using the big box and analog with knobs. They mentioned the coils the TDI can use ...... like the ones on the ML gold machines..... then they hard wired the coil. They know very few will be using this deep..... should have made disconnects for both the coil and headphones. Battery life....... old school again..... 5 hours wont last a full hunt for me. Im not a fan of the coil connector on the back of the coil...... a water machine requires good coil control and does that coil float like the DF? I dont want to use a coil lock and weight to keep it down. Theres a lot of things they could have done here to improve this machine for in the water use. Honestly for this and the Fisher........ if they come out with a digital compact unit NEXT time that brings the machines up to day tech wise they will be a MUCH better choice.


Hello Dew,

Yes, all those points are most valid and a reliable waterproof coil connector would really be something (and hopefully not affect performance, especially in saltwater).
If I pull the trigger then I plan to fit a 4 x 18650 battery holder directly into the detector battery compartment which should give 6-7 hours hunt time. I also have a new 3 spoke / center mount 10" coil from Eric Foster which would replace the DF coil (and thus solving the big floaty/floppy coil).
I wish Fisher would at least show what they have in regards to the "Manta" otherwise they may lose out to potential TDI buyers.



Active member
I dont think any serious salt water hunter will make the choice until both are out ......... unless they just have the money and want both. We have the ability to change coils now on the CTX, Xcal, Nox and a couple of others...... even the Finny so a connector wouldnt be an issue for performance. The M12 connector works pretty well...... in fact we use the connector to make the Nox jacks as well. I agree....... id like to get some more info on the Fisher.


I get on well with the TDI Pro, but am apprehensive in using it near salt water and sea spray, now with a TDI SL in a waterproof housing that have changed.

Had expected to see some user videos by now as the TDI Beach Hunter have been out for a while and some dealers have sold out and restocked, indicating this detector is being obtained in quantity.

Anyhow one can't sit around and wait forever when it's just a matter of contacting a dealer and get one for oneself, so that is what I did.
One TDI Beach Hunter is now on the way in the mail.

The idea of using 4 x 18650 Li-ion battery cells is interesting and should be possible to accomplish without any modification to the detectors battery compartment.

Love the simplicity of the TDI PI detectors, no screen menus to scroll through and no reset button in case you lose your way in the hidden menu settings.