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Tesoro Treasure Mate or Garret pointer?

Which pointer do you prefer and why? The local Lifestyle Store has the popular Garret pointer and the Tesoro Treasure Mate pointer. The store owner told me she and her husband helped design the Tesoro Treasure Mate if I understood her correctly. She said its better for pointing to gold than the Garret, but its not as waterproof. What have you chosen and why? Thanks


New member
Garrett for me. Simple, effective, nothing to adjust. I abuse the hell out of mine and it works flawlessly.


Well-known member
pinpointer, but it is important to make the necessary adjustments to it. I had one and liked it, but it was difficult to use as a 'loaner' tool.

I had a Garrett Pro-Pointer and liked its performance compared to many, but I also had a few leakage issues and audio problems. I parted with it.

I used a White's Bullseye II pinpointer during the same period and didn't have any problems, got almost the depth and performance as the Pro-Pointer, but now use the White's Bullseye TRX pinpointer.



Well-known member
garrett pro pointer :thumbup:


New member
Propointer all the way,have never seen a Treasure mate ever being used but have seen 1000s and 1000s of Propointer,this fact alone must tell you something.


New member
I've got both and I'd use the Treasure mate if I were crevicing for gold as it test better on a couple of small pickers I have. I'd give the edge to the Garrett for reach on coins, but I personally wish it had a narrower acceptance at the tip.


This is an old thread. My .02 cents.

I've used the Treasure Mate for a long, long time. The beauty of it is, it is tunable, and able to be ground balanced. You don't have to ground balance it for coins.

Some complaints may be that the knobs are always moved when putting in and out of the holster. My fix for that is to set it, and make note of the knob pointers. maybe 12 o'clock and 12 o'clock is a good setting. Or maybe 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Anyway, that's how I always use it for any given site.

Since Tesoro is closed, there is no more warranty work or even repair services. (I haven't found any repair services yet.) I have 2 of them. One failed on the adjustment knobs.

I was able to acquire the replacement pots, and should receive them in a few days. I am pretty sure I will repair this unit since I am an electronics genius.

I also hope everyone has good luck finding good stuff. Laters.


To the OP, have you heard of planned obsolescence? There's your answer.
I don't think it was 'planned'. Sure it's an older design. But it's still a damn good pin pointer. I was able to repair mine with new pots and changed the LED color. I also replaced the 9-volt battery connector.

I'm pretty sure that all companies that make products think their designs will last 'forever'. There's improvements made. And the users decide what's 'better'.

There are too many variables to make a good argument either way. I like my Treasure Mate. I can control it's sensitivity. I like that.

If I can, I would like to buy another Treasure mate to have as a back up to the back up. I already know how to open them and repair them.