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Thinking about going back to the MXT


Well-known member
When the first MXT came out, I had to have one. I have done really well with the MXT, now I have 7 detectors, some of the top ones. I think I am going back to what I know best, I have always done good on most all my hunts with the MXT. I know that good finds are harder to come by, but lately I have not been doing good at all. I have two MXT now and most all coils that fit it. I think till the ground freezes where I can't dig I am using the MXT. If I do better by then I will have some nice detectors for sale. I know the MXT is out dated, but she can still hold her own with any other detector. I will let everyone that has ever used a MXT know how good it is. Flintstone


Flintstone, I hear ya. In the last 15 years, I've owned a CTX, V3i, Sovereign GT, IDX Pro, XLT, Gold Bug Pro, and most recently Equinox. I owned them all and used them all long enough to learn each one. All good detectors in their own way. But in the end, I am back to using an MXT. It may not squeeze out the last little bit of perfermance in all conditions, but it does so well in such a wide range of different conditions, and so easily and simply, that it just produces the best for me.

When I want to have fun fiddling and experimenting, I use my V3i. When I want nostalgia to take me back to the good old days, I use my XL Pro, But when I need to hunt fast and effectively, like with a limited time permission hunt, it becomes all about simplicity and what produces the best, that's when I reach for the MXT every time.

Excellent depth, separation, coil selection, target ID, ground balancing, reliability, durability (old school metal box with real trigger toggle switch), simplicity, and customer support. It has it all.


Well-known member
All well said and I agree wholeheartedly. I have an MXT PRO and really like this detector. I have had other models and makes in the past, but this detector seems to be my most favorite of all that I have owned. I have been a relic hunter for some 30 plus years now and the MXT has pulled relics from places hunted to death over the years. I was considering trying another detector for more depth.....but Nah! I'm sticking with what I know has good depth, and works for me. Like said, the MXT has so many different coils available, you have a wide range to choose from. I'm in fact about to order the 12' Super coil. I'm glad to see others enjoying their MXT. I'm enjoying mine.


Active member
I don't think I need to explain to any of you to how much I know my MXT. I do have my original one and I also have the MXT Pro. Won't part with either machines. HH, Nancy

John (Ma)

New member
I sold my MXT a few years back, got a DFX and then an etrac. Now, I have a MXT!


Well-known member
Thanks all for the posts, I think if Whites would do a little upgrade to the MXT's it would be back on top again. To me it locks on VDI's better than any detector I have ever used. I have the XP Deus, F75, AT PRO. none can do a job as good as my MXT, maybe it is just that I have used it that I know it better, I just got another one that was a demo model that is like new. Thanks all