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Trip 4 into the Arboretum


Well-known member
Yesterday I pried jkline out of his silver mecca, I mean who wants things like 1892 Barber dimes??? Anyway, my intent was to see what else we might find and also to see if I couldn’t help get him one of those old 45 cases or a bullet or two. Before he got there I managed to find one bullet with some impact deformation.

We split up and I was killing the junk cleanup! Dug a junk earring that I think might be copper, a bunch of old steel bottle caps, pull tabs, tree tags, etc. Suddenly I get a nice 87-88 ear slammer! Ok, fingers crossed its not a smashed can. Depth indicating 7-8” so a good sign. Dig the plug and holy moly its round and at least 50 cent size. Take pic as is and sent to Jeff saying I was afraid to clean it but he’s replying DO IT! I look but cant tell if reeded edge, gently rub an edge and silver starts to show. Bring out the spray bottle and hose it down and now start to see large block letters, stupid token........ Looks like a good luck token with a message saying Tammy loves Ed, unfortunately she spells love as lpve. About two feet away I repeat the above and find another token. Ed does one saying he loves their friendship. Yup, Rock Festival hookup!!!!! Another foot or two I dig a silver plated spoon. Party on......
I noticed now I was about 50’ south of where the JFK coin was found so I’m zeroing in on a run of artifacts!!
Only other neat finds for now was two more 45 cal bullets, one with a slight mushrooming and the other with a huge impact mushrooming. Only walked away with a 70s nickel and five memorial pennies, and two 70s beer bottle caps in surprisingly good shape.
Note: In the spoon photo the one on the left is marked silver plated and the other is marked silver overlay (from day before). Rifle casing appears to be I believe a 30-40 Krag and steel.
To be continued.....


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Well-known member
“I mean who wants things like 1892 Barber dimes???”
Yeah!! Who the heck wants to dig barber dimes? 🤣🤣🤣

First glance at that token sure did make your heart skip a beat. Mine would of skipped a few too 😂


Staff member
Dang Tammy musta been nuts about Ed. She went all out for him making/buying them tokens.
Neat finds. 👍🏻