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Two old schools


Well-known member
Last week, I hunted two old schools. I think they have both been hit pretty hard. Found some modern coins and a wheat penny at the first place along with what appears to be old #4 brass saddle grommets. These are toothed on the one side and swivel on the other. I found one intact and halves of three others. If anyone knows these are something different, I am all ears. I also found pieces of an old cap pistol, one of which still has the maker’s name – Hubley.

At the second school, I was experimenting with settings from a recent post in the Deus 2 section at another forum regarding lower sensitivity and higher audio response. I found a 1980 penny 8 inches down… Then I saw they had recently cut up half the front sidewalk over about a 15 foot section to replace a sewer line. I hunted the disturbed dirt and found a zinc penny range signal (83 - 84). I don’t know the settings mattered much, as about 2 inches down (and about 2 feet from the new sewer clean out) I found a solid green disc at about a 45° angle which I probably would’ve found with just about any settings. A 1903 Indian head penny had been hiding under that sidewalk. It was pretty well crusted. I managed to flake off most of the thin crust with a toothpick and my thumbnail. The rest of the crust doesn’t want to budge. The coin is pretty solid and has a lot of detail. If I could crack off the rest of the crust, it would be a nice looking coin. I am going to have to go back and reread some of the posts on coin cleaning… 🧐


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Well-known member
The Little Bluish Grey Tile in the next to last picture... I remember the bathroom in my grade school having thousands of those on the floor...
Yes, I found that next to a concrete and brick outline on the ground the right size to be an out house. I found a similar outline on the opposite side of the backyard. So I am guessing the boys and girls each had their own out houses. This was an old one room school house.


Well-known member
That small had to be back splash….
Nice finds!