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Ultra USA Dime Test

I have a 7" clad dime that only has been buried for a week. Ultra was in field mode, sweep speed 1, sensitivity 28, ground balance 65.5 and hit the dime 96 97 vdi reading. Raised the coil 1" above still hit with same vdi. Raised the coil another inch lost vdi but still hitting. I'm speculating out in the field i'll be able to hit a 10" silver. I dropped the sensitivity down to 25 and still hit the 7" dime but not as pronounced. Tried in all the other modes and it hit the dime except for the beach mode, which doesn't bother me because I'm a land hunter. This is in Kansas dirt. It is to hot to get out so I will be doing more reading and testing. I'm thinking there might be some more tweaking i can do to squeak out a little more depth. I have 4 other detectors but the main reason I wanted to try the Ultra was the weight of the machine. I had back surgery a few years back and with the weight and depth I think I found a new love. I bought it from Bart at Big Boys Hobbies great guy and great to deal with.
Silver Fox....How is the 11' coil behaving for you on the ULtra? On the simplex plus the larger coil (11') is quite chatty....the smaller sp24 behaves quietly.....Interesting dime test you did...Thank you

Russ88, Air conditioner running at the back of the house and phone line in the front of the house, I was testing in the front of the house. a little chatty when first turned it on but after ground balance did not notice any chatter. vdi's were stable. I have only had it for 4 days and haven't had it out of the yard yet temperature 114 yesterday and 105 today and in the 100's rest of the week. Most places I hunt I don't have much emi problem with my other detectors so I'm hoping the same for the Ultra. So far no complaints.
still looking 52 that is true about going by tone, but I couldn't believe I was getting vdi number at 8" and still hitting it at 9" without number and still getting a good solid tone both ways.
In my post I said couldn't hit the dime in beach mode. The ground suppressor default setting is 5 in beach mode, I changed it to 0 which is the default in the other modes, and now can hit the dime just like the other modes. Now I have never beach hunted so on the beach it may have to stay in 5, but just another trick I can use on land. Also had the target id depth setting set at medium so I'll have to set it to low and see if I can get a vdi number on the 9" dime. Haven't tried off setting the ground balance yet to see if I can pick up more depth. Really liking the Ultra.
Got the simplex ultra from barts big boy hobbies as well. Shipped same day. Well actually I ordered after hours but the following morning it was shipped. Ordered Friday night on received on Tuesday. Not bad OK. To NC.. Great machine, finding close to same results as you. Ground balance is 86-89 because mineralized soil conditions here. Air tests are deeper
The recovery speed and it's ability to discern between close targets is fantastic. Congrats on new machine n gl.
Takenname_7 Welcome to the forum, Congratulations on your purchase of the Ultra. One thing that held me off from buying the Simplex was the duck sound I would hear when watching videos, but glad I took the plunge and bought the Ultra with the tones setting I've got it set instead of sounding like a duck to a sweet silver sound. I have a Nox 600 and like it a lot but so far me and the Ultra are like a hand and glove. After 40 some years of detecting and all the pounded parks and spots the Ultra has really got me excited again to get out and swinging the coil. It's lightweight, has a lot of settings you can tweak and just plain fun.
I have the Simplex +, and its a deepie. But where it falls short is in the discrimination dept. Alot of caps sound off like coins. Now that I;m retirement age, my desire to dig deep junk is becoming less desireable. But the machine can't be beat for the money IMHO.
I'm looking at the Simplex for a secondary detector.
I had 2 simplexes and my buddy had 1 also. Good detectors but I didn't like the tones. All 3 were sold. He now he has an Ultra (and others) and said it's a completely different machine and rants and raves about it. This guy really test detectors and detects 5 days a week.
I had 2 simplexes and my buddy had 1 also. Good detectors but I didn't like the tones. All 3 were sold. He now he has an Ultra (and others) and said it's a completely different machine and rants and raves about it. This guy really test detectors and detects 5 days a week.
I still have my original Simplex. Primarily my backup and loaner. Out on loan now actually.
So what makes the Ultra so special per your friend?
I don't remember it all but a couple things are you can set up tones and volumes of different VDIs and he said it's very deep with great separation even with the smaller coil.
i have a buffalo niickle buried in my yard at a measured 10 inches and my simplex plus hits it with the stock coil, i dont think i wanna dig any deeper then that! the simplex is a very deep detector and fast, the unmasking is great too i dug many old coins that had rusted nails, screws and you name it in the same hole, its all i use now
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