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Vista Gold Vs Smart Relic Hunting

Im get very close talking my wife let get another machine. I leaning toward the Vista Gold to hunt bad/hot soil relic hunting. The smart look pretty much the same as Visa but I think higher Feq Vista will work better in bad soil. So what folks opion Smart Vs Gold use as pure only Relic Hunting machine????????? Chuck


Active member
I've had both and if your working in really iron infested places the gold will have the edge with separate iron volume and faster recovery speed now if your running head phones to my ears at least the nuances are just a little better plus Keith southern has discovered if your running in bad really hot ground to get the depth flip your switch to "S" mode on recovery speed you will get the depth you'll need but the smart like Barry has said about culpepper V.A. it will hit a little harder on deeper silver, you really can't go wrong with either one, vista gold at 25khz and the 15.5khz


New member
I used the Gold at Culpeper this last month, any VLF machine has a hard time there, has to be the nastiest dirt in the country!!. I think if I would of had more targets under my coil, it would of done ok. Wish I would of taken the RG 1000v2 to compare the 12kHz vs the 25kHz. Really, all of the Vista line are great relic hunters.......Mark


New member
Under the worst soil and bedrock conditions a ground balancing pulse is the only way to go. As you know not all the geography is severe so I have had good luck with the smart in most soil conditions I hunt. If you hunt old home sites loaded with nails the speed of the Smart will allow you to find good targets in with iron. Just hunt slow. Tex Kinsey
Thank all post guys Info ref Smart Vs Vista Gold . So you folks mostly agree that Smart will do better bad/Hot ground for relic hunt than Gold and Smart with it 15 Feq overall better on Brass,.lead, silver
and in better soil .The Vista Gold only advanges faster recover speed and little more sen gold and thin silver? Chuck