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Vista X and Desi Dunne


Active member
Findmall Sponsor
Hello, guys :)

Already more than a month Vista X is tested from Desi Dunne.

Many of you know Desmond or know his name from different articles about metal detectors.
Or know him, because he helped in direct communication many people to understand better their detectors.
Asked Desmond to write something about himself for all who don't know him:

"I first began to metal detect in 1977 with a C Scope detector. Then I went to a Garrett, a Fisher, then I worked for White's selling their detectors, then I used a British detector, an Arado 120b which was fantastic. I sold Tesoro detectors. I helped to start a metal detecting club. We had many meetings and rallies and the club still exists today. I have written hundreds of articles about metal detectors some translated into some other languages. I worked for Minelab for 14 years and I love to test detectors and try to get into 'The Great Outdoors' each day!"

Review for #VistaX, written from Desi Dunne,was already published in two parts in another one american forum. The second part was published yesterday :)
Who is member in this forum can read it. For all other - his review will be published in the blog on our website soon.
The review is very detailed and you will understand many things about #VistaX.

But for me the most important was maybe the last sentences in it:
"Why the better signal clarity? I’m thinking it’s all in the design of the ‘octagonal shaped coil’ as it behaves more like a ‘sharply focused concentric tipped detection cone’ than the ‘wider scan of the typical Double D coil.
In addition, and in Part 1 of the Review, I referred to the Vista X’ designer, Plamen Rashkov Rashkov, he is the top analog circuit designer in Europe, what we term, ‘a boffin!’
He successfully merged an innovative coil design to a powerful and purpose built analog schematic creation. All things being equal there’s plenty of technology on offer here but may not quite match its rivals for outright ‘bells and whistle’ visual (and audible) wizardry! Look beyond that and you will see plenty to like about the Vista X.
I’m thinking a Vista X should be on the ‘consider’ buying’ list for many people.
Vista X summed up in a single word - Powerful"

Thank you very much, Desi Dunne and welcome in DeepTech family !

Let see now the first movie from Desi Dunne. If you have any questions - dont hesitate to ask:


Well-known member


Active member
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The full review - in two parts - can be read in the blog to our website. The movie is one and the same, you watched it already:
Hope, soon will appear more movies and review will continue :)

Ziggy J

Active member
Nice detailed review Des, thank you for taking the time to make this.

Keith Southern

Active member
Nice Write Up Des!!

And yes the Octagon stock coil is DIFFERENT..its stellar and one of a kind...Guess that's why I wanted a small Version of it!!!!Its hard not to use exclusivity on the unit in any type scenario..

Its has its own language and its own sonic 3D reporting.



Well-known member
Desi Dunne, I read on "The Views Forum" Has passed. The above , shows what the man has done for the sport. His video on the X gave me a couple tips I wouldn't have thought of. Farewell


Active member
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Published on our Facebook some days ago:

The Minelab man.
Everyone knew him that way.
When months ago he contacted Aaron Cooper with the words
"I'm very interested to Field Test this new Vista X" - must be honest - I was forked - to give to the Minelab man the newest DeepTech unit for tests or not.

Тhis lasted maybe 2 months... give or not - if he decides to test it anyway he will find a way to own it.
When I received personal message from him:
"Hi Rosi, apology - I just saw this Note today! I am not a regular Facebook person really! I was Customer Service, Field Application Specialist, with Minelab from 1999-2013 (14yrs) They laid me off when they were ceasing the Irish offices. Later, they restarted the Irish office. I began as a person answering all calls about Minelab detectors from around the world. ..."
And so on, and so on - long message with very interesting information what he did for Minelab.
And yes, with this message I understood that he is a really honest man.
Аfter his dismissal he continued to test some Minelab units and write reviews. If you open his Youtube channel and some forums you will see it.
Not everyone is capable of this.
Yes, metal detectors and metal detecting was his world.
And yes, he was the first and the only one from all Vista X testers who noticed one mistake! Thank you for that!
But he continued to surprise me.
The situation with Corona virus started all over the world.
It was clear to everyone that supplies of parts from China were slowing down. And yes, we all know that the world economy is dependent on this country.Talking about all this, after so many years in this business, I was really shocked to hear the words - "I can send Vista X back to you if you need "
My God!
One unit can't solve the problem of carbon pipes supplies from China. But he was ready to do this!
Desmond Dunne, known as Des Dunne, the MINELAB MAN!
R.I.P. Desi...
We will not forget you.
Anyone who has worked with any of the Minelab units will not forget you.
Anyone who works and will work with #VistaX will not forget you.