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We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

Can slaw

New member
This recipe I will try. Been down the pulled pork road...... 10 hours on the bbq and love it. But most weekends I wish I had the time but I don't so this will be awesome.


New member
I picked up a Hasty Bake in Tulsa. My buddy who is from Tulsa is a master BBQer and had one since the 70s and swears by it. It can smoke, grill, bake. My son went to TU and lives in Tulsa so I got to visit the Hasty Bake store on many occasions and finally pulled the trigger and have not looked back. Lots of good smoking videos on YouTube and I am trying to mix and match.


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My review on the upright pit boss pellet smoker I bought 2 years ago , IMHO, I have the smoker that the controls are at the bottom of the door , Bad idea real bad , every time I cleaned it or putting meat to get smoked , it was always dirty , smeared screen , and 2nd is the glass door , I just didn't like it , my auger stuck over feed the pellets caught fire / over heated , broke the glass and controls gone , get the smoker that the controls are on the side of upright smoker , hope it helps someone, Hank

Levi Franke

New member
Thank you for providing the link to the forum, Patriot Smoking & Grilling. I'm sure many barbecue enthusiasts will find it a valuable resource for sharing their expertise and learning new tips and tricks. Expanding the recipe collection on the Patriot Smoking & Grilling forum can definitely attract new users who are looking for inspiration and ideas for their next BBQ or smoking session. A diverse range of recipes, including different types of meats, marinades, rubs, and sauces, can cater to the preferences of a wider audience and encourage engagement and participation in the community.

For example, members can share recipes for smoked ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, fish, and vegetables, as well as for homemade BBQ sauces, rubs, marinades, cabbage and kielbasa recipe. They can also share tips and tricks for achieving the perfect smoky flavor, using different types of woods, and maintaining a consistent temperature and smoke levels.

Moreover, featuring recipes from different regions and cultures can add more diversity and appeal to the forum. For instance, members can share recipes for traditional Texas-style brisket, Carolina-style pulled pork, Kansas City-style ribs, and Jamaican-style jerk chicken, just to name a few. This can also create opportunities for members to learn about and appreciate different culinary traditions and techniques.

Overall, developing the recipe collection on the forum can attract new users who are passionate about smoking and grilling and looking for a community to share their experiences and learn from others. By providing a rich and diverse recipe collection, the forum can become a go-to resource for BBQ and smoking enthusiasts worldwide.
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