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What Extra Coils For My GPX4000?

I recently bought a clean used gpx4000, the machine came with only a 11" commander mono coil, the 11" is a good all around general use coil but I am wanting to purchase a couple more coils to round out my coil collection, as for a small coil, I was thinking a minelab commander mono 8" round??, as for a larger coil I was thinking of purchasing a 16" round mono coiltek goldstalker?? Any thoughts as to sizes and brands? I will be hunting in the canyons of Northern Calif as well as the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada which has considerable overburden in some areas.

iron bark

New member
Hi the 8 inch commander is a very good coil its great on small targets and gets great depth.I like nugget finder coils, another option is the 15 inch elliptical commander a very good coil in mono and dd the only draw back with the 15inch its a bit heavy. The areas you mentioned depending on the amount of mineralization to use a DD or mono
Well, I ended up with a quality big deep hunting coil, I bought a lightly used Coiltek Goldstalker 18" mono round, still looking to buy a small coil of some sort, maybe either the 8" commander mono or a sadie nuggetfinder 8x6. Have to save for a bit to afford that as the big coil tapped me out for now.

iron bark

New member
Its good you found a large coil . If you decide to buy a 8x6 NF get one that has a black bracket mount for the lower shaft
Ironbark, thanks for the tip on that 8x6 coil, I am also looking hard at a 7x12 NF el mono. I want to as large a coil as possible and still be able pick up multi grain size gold and be able to get into tight spots with the coil if needed, if that makes sense. The 12x7 would give me considerable more coverage as well.

iron bark

New member
hi i am using a gp extreme at the moment with 14X 7 N.F. ADVANTAGE coil over christmas i went away for a week ,during that time i found 15 grams some were 0 .1and up 4 grams was the best it was at a good depth my friend is using a 12x7 white nf on a 5000 its a good coil as well .I like the 14 you get just a bit more depth.
I am talking about the elliiptical 12x7 gray solid coil for the gpx. To me it appears a great size coil for nevada outback nugget hunting and in the canyons of Northern Cal, getting in those tight spots in the ravines with lots of rocks, or sage brush, etc, I just don't want to go any smaller coil than this if not necessary for the tiny stuff, yet, this is big enough to go a bit deeper also. For more open areas I hunt the 11" mono commander will be fine, and more open areas I can strap on the 18" round goldstalker for overlooked deeper nuggets.

iron bark

New member
Yes i can see what you are looking for, the 11 commander mono and the 18 cioltek are good coils with the 12x7 you have got all bases covered.I would still run over the ground already cover with the 11" using the 18" good hunting all the best john