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What happened to the Vista X Faceplate & Knobs?

Suncoast Kid

Well-known member
The Vista X is a spectacular detector, as a lot of us know, having the ability to hit non-ferrous targets out of a pile of nails, and other iron, but the appearance of the detector, at least the latest ones, including the one I received, looks nothing compared to what's advertised.
The Faceplate is dull to the point to where you can barely read the titles for the Knobs, and the Knobs have been changed, to where they don't have the white line on them. They're all black, so you can't see the settings. I had to take a white paint pen and color in the setting line on the Knobs, just to be able to see it.
No complaints about the performance of the detector itself, but that was definitely a change for the worse.
I'm about to call Deeptech and discuss the issue with them.
Please compare pictures of what's in the description, compared to what I received.
Anyone else get one like the bottom picture, or does yours look like the picture at the top?
I guess if it doesn't bother you, you could at least take a White paint pen a color in the line on your Knobs so you can see the settings.
If you're like me, and got one that looks like the bottom picture, please contact Deeptech so we can get the issue resolved.
Again, no issues with the performance of the detector, but I'd be nice to get one with the quality of the picture at the top.
I think that their quality department must have got laid off. 🤣
The first photo is of the original Vista X face plate (which I also like the looks of better), what I was told by Rosi is they changed the potentiometer's and knobs because they had issues with the old potentiometer's and knobs which she said those were produced in Switzerland but they turned out to be of low quality so they changed to potentiometer's with bigger knobs and also changed the face plate sticker

the second photo is of my Vista X and what Rosi stated is the serial number on my Vista X falls into the Vista X's just before the face sticker change, I do not like the Face Plate on mine at all because of the labeling of each potentiometer is covered by the Knobs base plate making it difficult to read what each potentiometer is for, Richard did say he would replace my Vista X which I told Richard to hold off on because I have ordered some different smaller Knobs for mine which I want to try before having Richard to replace the whole detector first, I have actually purchased two different types of Knobs to see which ones work best with the face plate, as far as my Vista X it works great and if it were not for the Labels of each potentiometer being covered up by the Knobs no one would have ever heard a complaint from me on the Vista X at all because I do like the Vista X performance wise.

here are the links to the two different knobs I have ordered both from amazon I also ordered two packs of each
1st set:
2nd set:

the mark that looks like a gouge on the edge I have no clue what that is because that mark does not exist on my Vista X LOL, a bug on my camera lens or an anomaly of some sort LOL
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Any time you go through such a dramatic revision, of different parts, or anything, everything goes through engineering, and through a material review board, before a production change is implemented.
In this way all things get considered, before the wheel gets turning again. Of course this is a large cost to the company, but in the long run, the quality of the product is maintained. It's always better to be Preventative than Curative.
It's a lot better to maintain the quality and reputation of the product, than to go through the expenditure of dealing with recalls, returns, and product replacement.
If it's a small company then the financial impact is going to be much harder to deal with, and it looks like they changed to better pots, while trying to use the plates in stock that they had on hand.
Obviously the new parts were different in dimensions, the older Knobs obviously didn't fit on the new shafts, that's why they are different. What I don't understand is the faded Faceplate. If they had to change the position of the holes, and labeling, incrementations, for the new pots, on the plate, they should have kept the same colors, even though the Faceplate would have to be revised as well. They let the new improved product out the door, without taking enough corrective action to work the bugs out before the new release.
ok I think I got my Vista X to where I can read the Labels now, the photo is with new knobs that are 15mm across the base, the old knobs were 17.67 mm across the base the old knobs were covering most of the labels for the potentiometer's making it hard to know which potentiometer did what but with these new knobs I think it fixed the problem i also have some other new knobs coming with 12mm bases that I want to try just to see if I can get the labels completely visible but here is a photo with the new knobs with 15mm bases

Let me know what everyone thinks these new knobs came in 6 different colors Green, Blue, (which I do not think would look good at all) Yellow,orange and White plus the Reds which I installed, second photo is the old original knobs covering up the Labels


  • Vista X with New Knobs.jpg
    Vista X with New Knobs.jpg
    323.8 KB · Views: 50
  • image000000(1).jpg
    148.8 KB · Views: 44
I like it. The red Knobs match the face of the detector. Nice look.
You might want to pass this along to Deeptech. Definitely a better choice.
Mine is the older 5 pin model and it looks like the top one. I have had no problems with the pots however.
does yours have that little extended arrow pointer ??

I actually like the original Vista X knobs more, I would think it would make it easier to make minute adjustments with that little arrow extended out, I am thinking of changing to the orange knobs that came with the knobs I ordered and maybe even going with two different colors like Orange and Yellow just to give me kind of a color coding for what each potentiometer does
oldkoot - like the easy inexpensive improvement.
If I ever had too I have plenty of various knobs from my years past working on home audio and HAM radio days. Never know when needed.
Well if you look at the two photos both are of my Vista X, i replaced those original knobs that came on mine more out of necessity than anything else, the way those old original knobs were because of how big the bases were on them you could not see the labels for what each potentiometer adjust, for me I could have gotten by as it did not take long for me to remember what the function of each was, but I am also trying to teach my wife how to use the Vista X and she needed to be able to read what the labels are as her memory of where each setting just was not happening, she can still read ok so that is the reason I replaced those knobs, if you look at the photo with the original black knobs you will understand what I am talking about, with my wife's Dementia I want it as simple for her as I can make it

I also would like to thank Richard at backwoods Detectors as he was willing to replace the whole unit and send me a different Vista X with the labels of the potentiometer's more readable, but I could not make or expect him to do that and eat the cost it was just more simple and logical for me to pick up some different knobs and make the change, Richard even said he would pay for the new knobs LOL but that was not necessary either, the new knobs were not that expensive and I have enough that if one falls off or breaks I have plenty of new ones, although i do not see these new ones ever falling off they were nice and tight fits
I Long Term DeepTech Owner Users [ Warrior, Vista_ X , Gold Hound} I wish address many post on FB and here Findmall Ref News Control Knobs Vs Old Knobs. First DeepTech does 'Cut Corner" when switch no part, they use only best part and switch to improve unit. They're very Simple way you can make" New Control' easy to see hunting field and "Clearly" see where "Exact' Setting are. Just Local Store and buy Product called ' White Out" Correction Ink. Just Simply Paint " Lined' Mark Each Control, Let Dry you can clearly see extract setting each control. In regard to claim with Faceplate, you can still see what each control use for since only very little section writing is cover with larger Knobs, In fact many controls in Live Feild Hunting are set each site you hunt and normal not changed. Sadly , It appears a few comments / post may be posted by DeepTech Haters and been banned from DeepTech/ Facebook in past. . DeepTech is small family ran company that takes Pride in it Products and my opion make Best Machines on Market. Lastly, In Bulgaria and as in some other European keeping parts and Venders the same are more difficult then here in USA I attached photo Gold Hound showing how clear you see setting, you easly due same with Visit-X with Newer / Large Knobs!


  • P2140386.JPG
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  • whiteoutnws-l1600 (3).jpg
    whiteoutnws-l1600 (3).jpg
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does yours have that little extended arrow pointer ??
Yes it does, just like the top picture. Labels are completely uncovered. I purchased some original smaller knobs for my Tesoro on the big auction company that, if they fit the shaft, are small enough not to cover the labels. If anyone wants the link, PM me.
OK cannot decide which Knobs I like so I am going to poll the Find mall crew LOL, I have changed the knobs three times and think i know which one I like but would like everyone's opinion on it, photo 1will be the red ones I changed to initially, tell me which ones look the best.


  • Vista X with New Knobs.jpg
    Vista X with New Knobs.jpg
    323.8 KB · Views: 33
  • Vista X Orange and yellow Knobs.jpg
    Vista X Orange and yellow Knobs.jpg
    293.6 KB · Views: 33
  • Vista X with Gray and Orange Knobs.jpg
    Vista X with Gray and Orange Knobs.jpg
    195.2 KB · Views: 32
oldkoot - OK I also cannot decide which knobs I like best but if you make me errr I mean push me errr I mean ask me at this moment I'll go for the first pic with red as it goes with X on the faceplate best. I like all, but it's red for now. In 10 minutes I might change my mind and if so I'm not telling :D
oldkoot - OK I also cannot decide which knobs I like best but if you make me errr I mean push me errr I mean ask me at this moment I'll go for the first pic with red as it goes with X on the faceplate best. I like all, but it's red for now. In 10 minutes I might change my mind and if so I'm not telling :D
yeah now you see my dilemma, LOL i cannot decide which version I like the best