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What's wrong with this video?


Well-known member
I sent this video to a buddy and titled it:
'Another professional detector'
I guess she's getting better at it...

jim tn

Well-known member
Yeah, the shovel for sure, but even being on a nice manicured sports field in those wet, sloppy conditions isn't good, either. HH jim tn

Wild Willy

Well-known member
Supposition. How do you know the field condition except that it rained the night before? 1/4", 1/2", 2.0" ? Professional? How do you know the field is still used? I know of two abandoned football fields that the city still keeps mowed. Give the lady a break. At least she is easy on the eyes. We simply don't have all the facts.

jim tn

Well-known member
You are absolutely right, Wild Willy, we don't have all the facts. And yes, while "she is easy on the eyes," my old eyes also tell me the place is well maintained, the ground is near mush by the looks of the clods turned over and mashed with her pin pointer. There is supposition and also perception. HH jim tn


Active member
Image is everything so bringing a shovel to a school field or park is not a good idea, only bring the shovel to a forest area or farm fields. Anyone of the public or maintenance workers walking by all they see is someone with a shovel digging and that's how more and more public spaces gets closed down by the city. Use small hand digging tools if you're going to go to those kind of area's.
Digging out a plug to find a coin that was close to the surface could have been easily done with a screwdriver and pin pointer. Obviously she doesn't know the method of using a pin pointer first to see if the find is close to the surface but use the shovel right away.
That first plug is now beyond repair as now it's just a hole along with the other plugs.
There is no proper digging etiquette here and she's only out there to be famous as she has been recently sponsored by Fisher Labs.


Active member
WTF???? Are you kidding??
Nope, I watched a video from a different channel that had one of Fisher Labs Representative's on and it was a live stream. During the show they were saying they just recently asked the girl in this video if Fisher could sponsor her. You can see in her past video's that she uses a few different detectors but in the last month Fisher has sent her a CZ21 and a Fisher F75.


Active member
I know of two people who have made comments recently saying Image is everything and using that shovel you're basically hurting the metal detecting community. Try to use hand digging tools instead.
She has completely removed those comments and only keeping majority of comments saying " Great Video ". So sad :cry2:


Well-known member
She didn't drop her top :p
All kidding aside, That shovel ain't that big i use a lesche 36" t-handle guess you can hate on me to.
You''re kidding me i detect them school field's, football field's that's where i find most of my jewelry
find's at. But i do not detect the one's with the fence's around them.
Didn't see her fill her hole's back up i'm hoping she did. I found my oldest large cent in a field like that 1817 and my first barber dime 1910.
You can pass them field's up just more for me to find. You can hate on me doesn't bother me as long as i'm getting out there and finding what you aren't.


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jim tn

Well-known member
I don't think anyone is implying not to hunt sports fields, most of us, in fact, probably do. I know I do, anyway. I and others do, though, take into consideration the conditions, don't dig unsightly holes and leave loose dirt and mud laying beside the holes, do so at low to no traffic times and certainly don't carry and use any kind of shovel on city parks and sports fields. Shovels simply give the perception that someone is digging up the place, whether they are or not, and to ignore and be in denial this fact is a blatant disregard for the well being of this grand hobby. HH Jim Tn


Well-known member
I had to go up to PA for a family get together and did not know if you could detect or not. I called the township pd and a detective called me back within an hour. He said go have fun that is what our parks are for, just leave it like you found it. I never went into the field but hunted the area where the small bleachers were. Very good outing when I left You could barely see anything. Respect is everything that is what will keep the hobby going.


Well-known member
I couldn’t even begin to say what’s wrong with HER being any kind of “influencer”. Sad.