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Recent content by Arthur-Canada

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    How many still use a vintage classic detector from the 70's-80's?

    A bunch of us got the new Equinox 800 with added 6" coil. A park we've been hunting for close to 20 years has come alive again with good finds in the last three outings. Just for fun I took my Mark 1 out first to start against my buddy's Nox. After finding a 1903 IH, I stuck with it for the rest...
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    Wilson ATD

    Have two Wilson machines...Relic & Coin ll and Coin Select. What do you need to know?
  3. A

    Cibola Coil Confusion

    I have a Cibola detector that I bought second hand that has been modified with ground balance function. However, some other changes may have taken place. For instance, I bought an after-market CORS coil for it and received it today. The plug on the coil is a 5-PIN male plug. The Cibola I have...
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    Sadly...not that impressed!!

    Took my new Deus out to my test garden for the first time and not that impressed. Actually pretty disappointed really. I tried all the factory programs and even a couple I did myself after playing around with it in my basement for about 4 hours. Although some programs do better on some of the...
  5. A

    Straight Rod

    I straight rod my New Deus before I even hunted with it once. Took about 5 minutes to do using all existing hardware. I'm not a fan of the S Rod. Tried it out in my backyard for about an hour and could aready feel it in my forearm!
  6. A

    DD coil for Teknetics Mark 1

    Is there a DD coil for this machine?
  7. A

    DD coil for teknetics Mark 1

    Is there a DD coil that will work on the Teknetics Mark 1?
  8. A

    Coil falses on stubble !!

    The other day I was out swinging my old Golden Sabre in a farm field full of soybean plant stubble. The ground was good and dry out. I did not notice it when I first got there, but after a while I started to get false signals every time I bumped up against or scraped over the stubble. No matter...
  9. A

    Help with coil plug

    I bought an 8" 4-pin coil for my Compadre and wired it up only to discover later that the Compadre needs the 5-pin coils instead. Like an idiot I did not diagram the wire connections on the 4-pin plug, so now I cannot put the plug back on properly. The outside of the plug pins is numbered...
  10. A

    1200 series DD coil?

    Does anyone know if a DD coil was ever made that works on a Fisher 1265?
  11. A

    Wilson R & C II iron mask test that blew my mind!!

    Here is the video I did comparing my Wilson machine with several (but not all) of my other machines and I could not believe how it blew all the other ones away. Maybe I'm fooling myself somehow...but you be the judge and let me have it with both barrels...
  12. A

    Tesoro Compadre coil question

    Does anyone know if a coil for a Tesoro Golden Sabre will work on a newer Compadre?
  13. A

    Tesoro website

    Is it just me or is the Tesoro website down?!?!
  14. A

    Teknetics Mark 1 (red box)

    Hi Folks, I am looking for the specs on the charger for this Mark 1 unit I have. Replacing 14 batteries every 3 or 4 hunts is a bit of a chore!!
  15. A

    White's Coil

    I have a 6.5" (model 624-0180) White's coil. Is it supposed to work on my older White's Coinmaster 5000D, series III? I'm finding that the wires for one of the two loops in the coil (i.e. green & white) are connected with the ground wire on the cable. When I plug it into my detector everything...