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Recent content by BJ in Okla.

  1. B

    Chicken eating squirrel.

    Good catch,, it don't look like KFC.. Bj
  2. B

    Couple pictures

    Sven, good picture's, make's me wish that i was there. Bj
  3. B

    Prayer’s Needed

    Prayer’s Needed Some may know and some may not know. Fred Kelley, Texas, Wrangler is in the Hospital, they have moved him into Isolation. He has Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. He...
  4. B

    Hey Mega,, how is the new Nikon D 3300 ??

    Hey Mega,, how is the new Nikon D 3300 ?? I just picked up a Nikon D 3100, just for the extra lens it had with it....A 55 to 300mm. I have been playing with the 3100, its a neat,,light, simple little camera... Learn your 3300,, its a good camera.. Bj
  5. B

    Pitch Hold or Normal ???

    Pitch Hold or normal,, what do you use and why ??? I have always used normal,, but thinking about trying Pitch Hold... BJ
  6. B

    Got a 1979 Canadian quarter in change,

    I got a 1979 Canadian quarter in change,, checked it on my AT Pro,, got numbers from the 40's to the 60's,, no lock on... checked a 2000 American quarter next,, got a solid 86 number,, does all your money bounce around, number wise ??
  7. B

    ???? for people with the AT's that also have the 2500 & 1500,,

    now that the AT's are out,, do you still use your 2500 & 1500 ???? I like the low freq. of the 2500 & 1500..... And the Imaging.... BJ
  8. B

    AT Gold people,,what is your factory re-set GB number,,,

    People with the AT Gold units,,, please do a factory re-set and then tell me what your ground balance number is..... My unit shows 75,,and the factory said it should be 80,, like on the AT pro's I have 2 AT pro's and that's what they show.... Thanks......BJ
  9. B

    Question on finding some diamonds,,,,

    Found this ring several years ago,,,saw that some of the diamonds were missing, so have about 1/3 of a 5 gal. bucket full of dirt,,,maybe they are in the dirt... I have some classifiers,,down to 100 mesh... I am wondering about running the dirt through them,,I am thinking of mixing the dirt with...
  10. B

    AT Gold and Threshold tone,,

    In Disc 1,,,,is the Threshold Tone adjustable ??? Is the AT Gold better for Gold jewelry than the AT pro ??? Is the AT Gold ok in fresh water hunting ??? Thanks.
  11. B

    Anyone with a 1500 and the AT Pro ???

    Do you still use the 1500 now that the AT Pro is out ???? I have the AT Pro and love the 5x8 dd coil. I had a 1500 years ago and loved it,, don't remember why I traded it off.... I loved the imaging,,,,dug lot of coins... I hated to see Garrett drop them, they are good in open fields... So you...
  12. B

    F-70 vs F-5

    I am interested in the F-70 and the F-5, both with the 5" dd coil... The places that I coin hunt are real trashy,,rusty bottle caps, alum screw caps, rusty nails, sq tabs,beaver tail tabs, and park trash,,these are old parks.... How do both units handle EMI ?? I like the F-5 knobs,, and the GB...
  13. B

    What kind of depth are you getting with 4.5" coil,,,,

    What kind of depth are you getting with 4.5" coil,,,,??? Right now,,, I can not stop using the 5x8" coil,, that's a great coil... Bj
  14. B

    To Omega owners with a test garden,,

    Please do some testing with your settings and depth...... and what are the deeper settings ??? Then max the sens and check. Then turn up the disc to like 61 and check. My unit gets quite when the disc is 61 or higher... But wonder how much depth is lost at max sens and disc of 61 or higher...