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Question on finding some diamonds,,,,

BJ in Okla.

Active member
Found this ring several years ago,,,saw that some of the diamonds were missing,
so have about 1/3 of a 5 gal. bucket full of dirt,,,maybe they are in the dirt...
I have some classifiers,,down to 100 mesh...
I am wondering about running the dirt through them,,I am thinking of mixing the dirt with water,
until its thin enough to pour through the classifiers...
What do you all think ???


New member
I thought I saw somewhere that diamonds glow blue under a blacklight? That would sure be an easy way of finding them, spread the dirt out and go over it with a blacklight? Nice Ring!

Larry (IL)

Well-known member
Only about 1/3 of all diamonds are fluorescent and will vary from very mild to very fluorescent. They can also glow in many colors with blue being the most common. A black light might work for some but not reliable. I think sifting would be your best route.

Larry (IL)

Well-known member
Wet, and have a bright light shinning on the dirt while sifting, it will make the diamonds sparkle and stand out better.


New member
screen to 20 mesh and the diamonds should pan out real easy!


New member
I know that when you pan for diamonds,you coat the bottom of the pan with axle grease-screen down material-I asume you would only fill 1/4 of the pan with wet gravel.Then shake-but after shaking well-you quickly flip pan upside down on a piece of plywood or something-tap bottom-then look for diamonds.The diamonds stick to the grease.
In Africa they use giant wood wheels,coated with grease,run there gravel over the wheel as it turns and have some poor slave on the backside with a flash light and tweezers looking for the diamonds that stick to the grease.


New member
if you know how to pan you will certainly be able to see cut diamonds in the tails after classifying and slow careful panning...
it is more likely the diamonds were lost before the ring was lost...


BJ in Okla.

Active member
I have classified what I can down from 8 mesh down to 40 mesh, no diamonds yet..
I have 2.5" of dirt left in a 5 gal. bucket,, next will be soaking the dirt in water....
I did some dirt that I had soaking in water,, but at 51 deg. yesterday,,my fingers got cold..

I have thought maybe the diamonds could have been lost before the ring was lost...
The ring had been in the ground for more than 50 yrs,,I am guessing....
Because, it was a fair grounds from 1907 until 1953,, then they built a school,
and then a new school and tore the old school down...The ring was in a area that had been
a black top parking lot....



New member
screen that under 40 mesh through a 100 mesh..
then the diamonds should be in what did not go through the 100 mesh...

BJ in Okla.

Active member
I checked one of the diamonds,,.052,,,and checking my classifiers,
I am guessing the diamond might go through a 20 mesh but not a 40 mesh...
right ??


New member
buy size I'm not sure...but you can do a try and see once you figure out what the smallest size it falls through you shouldd be able to classify down t there and not lose any if they are in the dirt you have.