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Recent content by ChuckVT

  1. ChuckVT

    garrett apex or simplex

    I own many detectors, the Simplex + and the Apex are among them. I live on the Treasure Coast in Florida, so the Apex is king on wet salt beaches among the two models. No comparison there. If I am hunting for relics inland, I prefer the Simplex over the Apex. I have others that I prefer over...
  2. ChuckVT

    Please list your favorite detector of all times

    I have owned so many since 1968, it is hard to choose one. But, I guess if it has to be one, I would say the White's V3i.
  3. ChuckVT

    Apex vs Vanquish - Separation Test

    Great video. I own several detectors, including a Vanquish, Apex and Equinox, among several others. I love the Apex as a beach hunter in the MF mode. You dig everything on the beach, so separation is not that important. Is it better than my Nox or Vanquish on a beach? Not quite, as it does not...
  4. ChuckVT

    Any one using the Simplex on wet salt sand or in the water?

    As Joe Black said, it is a great VLF machine for the money, but on wet salt beaches, it cannot compare to a multi-frequency machine. If you want a good beach machine for not a lot of cash, I recommend the Minelab Vanquish. I have a Simplex +, and I love it for hunting relics and cellar holes, etc.
  5. ChuckVT

    Back Soon With More Smart Plus Pro Updates

    Glad your feeling better, Richard. Two months ago, I had to have emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. The surgery was the easiest part of the whole ordeal. I was in the hospital for three days for tests. Finally on a late Tuesday afternoon they took it out, and I went home 9 AM the very...
  6. ChuckVT

    Garret has acquired Whites. Great news!

    Yes, Centerville Electronics is still repairing White's machines. You will find their address on the Garret site, on the notice of their acquisition of White's.
  7. ChuckVT

    Garret has acquired Whites. Great news!
  8. ChuckVT

    Garrett Bought Whites!!!

    The BEST thing that happened in 2020!
  9. ChuckVT

    GTI1500 Coil Question

    Thanks so much, John!
  10. ChuckVT

    GTI1500 Coil Question

    I have had my GTI 1500 for many year and it is one of the older models with the white coil. Is there any advantage to updating it to the 9.5 GTI Imaging Proformance Coil that was on the last couple years of GTI 1500 manufacture, and still used on the GTI 2500? They are not expensive, and just...
  11. ChuckVT

    Who will acquire Whites ?

    There is still the small company of Tarsacci who makes the very interesting Tarsacci MDT 8000 here in the USA. The owner is an immigrant who came from Bulgaria many years ago, and worked as an engineer for Fisher back before they sold out to FT. He quit when FT bought them and is now making his...
  12. ChuckVT

    Apex, 800, Simplex

    I agree with you, John! I will never get rid of my GTI1500! On days I just want to dig nothing but coins, it is my go to unit!