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Recent content by Clad2Hunt

  1. C

    Are Pre Order Numbers Large?

    Curiosity has got me with all the hype. Its been almost 90 days since we got to see the Equinox. So dealers how many pre orders have you taken or a ball park number if to sensitive of info? I have decided to wait and see with having a E Trac and Excal II.
  2. C

    Renewing Hunted Sites with First Hunt with OOR

    The main reasons I got the R2 was for the 5" coil, fast recovery and for the towel line at the beach. While I haven't tested yet in wet sand that is normally where I use my E Trac. I was able for my first hunt to go to the old Rock Hill fairgrounds that Winthrop College owns and is a fenced...
  3. C

    Found the Bezel but the Coin Got Away

    Pulled a few keepers from a hard hunted yard yesterday. The toy car is from forties or fifties and is a Tootsie Roadster #4. Wheels and even the shifter is still attached. Goes great with the others I have found. The Silver bezel has had a large coin in it at one time. Bezel is 19.2 grams of...
  4. C

    Upgraded F75 Showed its Stuff and Saved the Hunt

    I am staying at a resort in Orlando that has a volleyball court. So I went over to hunt it with my ET and it just would not settle down. Even with a sens. setting of 10 it still was jumpy. Tried everything including a smaller coil. Sure there are lots of cables under it. A security guard came...
  5. C

    F/A Coin Pattern Produced

    I have a home site from the 20's I've hunted over the last 2 years with friends and a lot of different MD's. Every once in a while it gives up a older coin. Over the years, being on a main highway and the family enjoying MDing it has been hunted hard. I started out looking around in BP, 80...
  6. C

    Warrenty Cards, Buyer Beware!

    So I'm seeing Tesoro units put up for sell on Find's for sale forum and others that are used but seller claims that they have not sent in the warranty card. First let me say how wrong I feel that is. In speaking to my brother who is an attorney the seller is misrepresenting it and it is FRAUD...
  7. C

    3rd Gold Ring for the Year. !f tone

    I got the F75 LTD for park hunting due to weight and coil selection. EMI has been a concern with sens. set over 30 in most places. Last 2 sites I have been to I ran 1f and it works really well for me with both coils but it really works with the 5" coil. Can run sens. at 90 and fairly stable...
  8. C

    5 Ring Beach Hunt Using 13" Ultimate

    Spent a long weekend at my camper near Myrtle Beach and beach hunting has been a cruel mistress to me until now. This was at the end of the first bike rally so lots of folks in the water. I went out on low tide and a bowl shape area was exposed. It is full of crushed shells and large shells were...
  9. C

    1853, 1941 and Silver Ring

    Pulled the Seated from a old stone wall last week. Slightly bent on top right corner but other wise in good shape. Got the Merc and small sterling man's ring from a torn down house from the 50's. Used the G2 with 11" coil. Had the MD up for sale but decided to keep it and use it a little more...
  10. C

    13" Ultimate on the Truck

    Took advantage of the Kellyco sale on the big white one. Hate the color but love the price. Friend has had one on his ET for 6 months and I'm sure it going to help me at some of my older field sites with the good soils. A inch may make the difference in this hunted areas. The 11" is good but...
  11. C

    Why Would I want a 10" Eliptical or the 11' Stock

    Is there anything but 1" difference in lenth between these coils.
  12. C

    Hanted Silver

    Got permission to hunt a house and they also owned this one. House is considered haunted and I got to say it is spooky. Built in 1876. Qwner stated it has been hunted but I'm sure they didn't have a MD that could see through the iron. Every coin had a nail or screw by it so I can see why they...
  13. C

    Lower Shaft is Moving Around

    I just got my E-Trac. The lower shaft is so loose of a fit with the upper shaft that it moves around when swinging the MD. It ticks on every swing from the lower shaft hitting the inside of the upper shaft. So much slop that unpleasant to swing. I have a Safari and the shaft is a tight fit. Has...
  14. C

    Finally got my Meter Mounted

    I have had a time trying to find a way to get the meter to mount on the shaft but not alter it to the point of no return. Bicycle handle I got I didn't like because it was to straight up. Went to both big box home stores and to local hardware store and unable to locate a pipe strap with clamp...
  15. C

    Ring 19 is Tungsten

    Picked this up on the same field but different end as the 950 ring I posted earlier. Field and track so crowded that had to stay on edge right next to track. Worked and didn't take long. Came in at 27 and had a higher tone than a pop tab. Rare month for me to find more rings than silver coins.