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Recent content by CoinRobber

  1. C

    My Third Time Out with the Anfibio Scores Me Small Silver

    United Kingdom. I am a " Suburban " trash site digger. Countryside Fields of "Gold & Silver Treasures" are elusive for me at least.
  2. C

    My Third Time Out with the Anfibio Scores Me Small Silver

    Thanks for your great advice and comments! time to dig lower numbers!
  3. C

    Put the Anfibio 11 Inch Coil On your Impact and "light up" your fields

    I put the 11 Inch Anfibio Coil on My Impact today for first time , a small cut out at the top of shaft is all that is needed so you can push your coil wire through and just wrap the coil lead round your shafts. The Signals were coming through in abundance LOTS. Got some signals that were too...
  4. C

    My Third Time Out with the Anfibio Scores Me Small Silver

    I cant get silver or gold with mine. no luck at all. The impact got me a small silver. most places here are bad sites either cleared out or just trash loaded dumps.. hate to moan but its reality...
  5. C

    Nokta Impact Pulls Coins Out Well With 5 INCH DD.

    Is the trash layer above the good coins? Or is the trash and coins together at all depths? Answer is it's all mixed in coins with can slaw mostly . Site IS pretty crap actually. lack of good land sad to say.. i am digging the lot out for some thing to do. 3 buckets full of can slaw ! i dig...
  6. C

    Nokta Impact Pulls Coins Out Well With 5 INCH DD.

    I have recently hit a heavily worked out patch of trashy can slaw land with the impact in deep mode with 5 inch DD Coil. I was finding the combination of deep mode and 5 inch coil REALLY does sniff out deeper higher conductive coins for some reason it works a treat. Give it a try you won't fail.
  7. C

    Any reason not to buy an Impact?

    Nokta 's best so far IMHO. Not as popular as it should be. The 5 inch DD sucks higher conductive coins out where other detectors failed
  8. C

    Just ordered a 7" concentric for my Kruzer

    A TIP TO REMEMBER = NEVER EVER LEAVE A METAL DETECTOR UNATTENDED IN A CAR FOR EVEN A FEW MINUTES. SERIOUSLY THE CHANCES OF IT VANISHING ARE HIGH. They really do attract thieves like nothing else on the planet. I know a few detector users who lost detectors this way. They will slit your tent if...
  9. C

    Mode with most stable VDI Numbers

    There will be virtually no difference at all with any mode in my opinion. The single frequency detectors all have reasonable VDI number accuracy compared to the multi freq detectors which are better.
  10. C

    Another Simplex update v2.77

    I will eat my words.:) The 2.77 mute function is VERY good to have. .. well done Nokta.!:) Down loading 2.77 went fairly easy.
  11. C


    The "extra" depth attained on a single coin or ring by going up to say the 12 + inch coils is actually extremely small. Maybe we are talking a cm of extra depth in some cases. The bigger coils WILL for sure find more but it's the extra coverage that is scoring the extra goodies. Bigger coils...
  12. C

    How many still using a 1266?

    Just get used to digging iron with the 12 66 X I dug LOTS with mine..
  13. C


    I wish some new detector technology would give us genuine extra depth. I need to get 12+ inches on a tiny silver coin. I don't see any real increases in depth ever coming for a long long time. Not until a NEW detector technology comes. I think the really deep coins will one day be found with...
  14. C

    New C-Scope model coming soon

    Looks like EVO 6000 is delayed for some reason. i think it was supposed to be for sale over a month ago..
  15. C

    7" concentric best discrimination ?

    I can't remember digging any bottle caps at all with my 7 inch concentric .. it does id or ignore most of them. probably 95% of them.. I do dig the occasional bottle top with the 9 inch concentric..