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Recent content by cookie58

  1. C

    I Need Help!

    Try Romans 8;29,30. Thank you for your interest. Your interest shows predestination.
  2. C

    Button help

    Look up Civil War coin button. I don't know if that is correct, but that was what we called them. Usually found around Civil War activity.
  3. C

    fellow MDer struck hard with Covid...

    I will. All things are for His glory.
  4. C

    Bullets and Silver

    Hello Kevin. I had a Spectrum a while back. Real good metal detector. If I were new to this machine and to metal detecting, I would have a test garden. I would bury items silver items, minnie balls, and also junk items----square nails, pull tabs etc. and make me a diagram of where each were...
  5. C

    $20.00 Gold Piece Found..!

    Great find. I have been metal-detectin since the mid-70's. I have never found a gold coin. I wander if I am listening right. Ha, Ha. I have a XP-Deus and a Minelab GPX 4500. Don't know but of but one found ( 5$ piece) being found in my area. A lot of historical significance in my area. I...
  6. C


    When I saw the puppetmaster "George Soros", I immediately thought of the "Richman in Luke 16. He will not be able to send a message either, and that is if time lasts beyond his.
  7. C

    Minelab GPX 4500

    First, I wanted to know if Minelab has quit the manufacturing of GPX 4500s. Also, is there any interesting news out there for the people who are still using them?
  8. C

    I got into a little patch of relics

    Hey man. It was a the coil was as big as a Turkey Platter. Also, good to hear from you 2 much. I'm ashamed. I should have been checking on you-all. Arthritis in knees not my fingers.......
  9. C

    I got into a little patch of relics

    Hey Digger. Are you still using the GPX? What coil are you using now? I have not been out in a while. Looks like you are still after it. My poor GPX has not had a lot of use. Knees awfully bad. You may not remember me. It has been a long time since I looked at this site. Have a good one.
  10. C

    5.2 version

    Can one download this newest version (4.0 to 5.21) without downloading any version between. I am downloading to my controller, Grey Ghost hp puck, pin pointer, small LF coil, and round HF coil. Also, I have tried several times to download 5.0 to my computer with no avail. However, this newest...
  11. C

    best coil for the GPX 4500

    Which is the better coil for the GPX 4500. This is, of course, in a relic hunting situation. Is the Detech Spiral 15" better than the 18" DD Minelab? Unless you nugget hunters can tell me how and where I may find them here in East Tennessee...…...Thank you. What settings do you use with the...
  12. C

    Using other battery packs

    Has anyone heard of or had problems with non-factory battery packs causing problems to GPX machines?
  13. C

    Version 5.2 (Problems)

    I tried to download the V 5.2 with no success. Turned off McCaffee firewall and anti-spam. Then Windows defender would not allow. Is the 5.2 worth the trouble. MI-6 is working fine. I think I have decided if it aint broke don't fix...…..Any comments as to why this download maybe worth any...
  14. C

    tried the Detech 15" Spiral out today

    I got a chance to try this coil out today. First, it is heavy. I use the pro-swing harness with it and not too bad. However, I didn't look that long. Seemed to like the iron pretty good. I did notice this. A good solid low tone one direction then turn 90degrees, and get a crazy tone( I think I'm...
  15. C

    detech 15" DD spiral coil

    I got it this morning. After several weeks shipping, I put it on the GPX. I tried it just briefly in test garden. I didn't try any settings other than those published by Hockstetler. When I get the Minelab Commander 18" DD next week, I will try and compare the two. Any one have any better...