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Recent content by gare-oh

  1. gare-oh


    This is WHY i do NOT WANT a HEAVY DETECTOR any MORE !!!
  2. gare-oh

    Mad Anthony Wayne Camped in Ohio 1794

    Thank you very much for your input :)
  3. gare-oh

    We thought our machines were BROKE !!!

    A better way is to HAVE one of your FRIENDS grab it LOL
  4. gare-oh

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    Yes i did a very poor job of my first reply
  5. gare-oh

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    let me clarify When I said stupid question I meant it was a stupid question on MY PART not Still Looking's question ,I meant no insult on Still lookings part
  6. gare-oh

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    Isn't this what i told you ?
  7. gare-oh

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    Stupid question. Did you try holding the on off button till you heard the multi tone then try and re program ?
  8. gare-oh

    How much beans does your wife allow you to eat? :lol: ...................

    WARNING WARNING !!! DO NOT EAT more then 239 at one setting. If you eat more then 239 they will be 2 FARTY LOL
  9. gare-oh

    GPSMap60cs - technical problem

    Wad up a SMALL piece of ALUMINUM foil and push it into the Negatgive spot. It will wlork fine
  10. gare-oh

    We thought our machines were BROKE !!!

    We went to a old Picnic grove today to detect. Our detectors Deus with 11x13 -11 inch and 9 inch ALL X35 coils would not work properly. My friend with his Equinox 800 would not work right either. We tried everything we could think of to get them to work properly and no luck. We decided to...
  11. gare-oh

    AT Pro Coil not detecting

    Did you try A different coil ? I have a friend that his detectcs for maybe 5 minutes when it is turned on. After th8at the machine stays on but quits detecting. He has tried different coils and gets the same results. He is going to send it in after the holidays
  12. gare-oh

    Here is something i do to make my Deus's easier to use

    To hold the button on The Pinpointes get pretty rough use
  13. gare-oh

    Here is something i do to make my Deus's easier to use

    You might be able to hold it on with tape or maybe shrink wrap ?
  14. gare-oh

    Price 1600.00

    I will probably get one but i would like reports on them first
  15. gare-oh

    Question on changing coils

    I have found my coils on my controller have to match the number on my head phones. Example No 3 on controller has to no 3 on my head phones ?> Anyone else experience this >