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Recent content by GateKeeper

  1. GateKeeper

    Play ball

    I've been looking for that Jeff. Thank God you found it. Ill PM you my address so you can return it to me.
  2. GateKeeper

    There is a Dedicated Forum for the "Legend".

    The new Nokta Legend forum is up and running. You'll find it right under the Simplex forum.
  3. GateKeeper

    Welcome to new Nokta Legend Forum...

    You asked for it and now you got it. Enjoy your newest forum for the Nokta Legend.
  4. GateKeeper

    I'm New and I'm Lost There you go.
  5. GateKeeper


    Common sense is applied. Treat others as you wish to be treated. We here at Findmall understand that there will be ribbing, you all are encouraged to do so. But when I see the constant nitpicking, harassing, and degrading another human being, that's when I'll put my foot down. I will NOT...
  6. GateKeeper

    Peace I’m out!

    A little back and forth banter is great. As a matter of fact I encourage it. It's the spite, anger, and hate from people that wont be tolerated. You all have fun and be good to each other.
  7. GateKeeper

    Peace I’m out!

    Well, obviously DanByTheCreek did not get the memo, he has been banned. Like I stated, no more bashing/trolling will take place. If you don't like it, you can leave. There's enough garbage in the world. This is our escape from it.
  8. GateKeeper

    Peace I’m out!

    Rick, no one here appreciates your Taco Bell farts. Please leave the room, light a match or use some room spray. We're not animals here........ well, except for you. :unsure: :)
  9. GateKeeper

    Who out there is Tired

    Do not think you are being picked on by Findmall. Others received more severe bans than you.
  10. GateKeeper

    Happy New Year & Some Changes

    Happy New Year everyone :), Recently I have seen an uptick of trolling and trashing one another. There's enough of that on social media. This forum is intended as an escape to a great hobby. With that being said, if I see anymore name calling, trolling or just plain nastiness, you'll be...
  11. GateKeeper


    Happy New Year relicmeister :cheers:
  12. GateKeeper

    Who out there is Tired

    Happy New Year everyone. I see 2 members on this post decided to go ahead and act up, swear and start calling names. Let me be clear, this nonsense might work on other forums or social media, but it it is not allowed here. Those 2 members were given a few days ban. Be advised, we here at...
  13. GateKeeper


    For those of you still wishing to trash one another, let me tell you it stops now. I have already suspended 5 accounts until into the New Year. Keep it up and it will become permanent.
  14. GateKeeper

    Deus 2 most anticipated release ever..

    So I'm reading through this now. Findmall will not tolerate any trolling, name calling or any other harassment. If any of you continue to do so, you will be removed from this platform. I hope I'm making myself clear. On another note, any comparisons need to be done in the proper forum...
  15. GateKeeper

    Hatchet head?

    No, not my opinion but a fact. Now act as adults.